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learn faces AND digital apps for drawing at the same time! ****HUGE NOTICE UPDATE SINCE THE ORIGINAL CREATION OF THIS COURSE, I’ve grown it and added to it every year to now include fashion illustration, design sketching, processes and techniques in addition to the faces modules. It’s a comprehensive fashion design and sketching course using your ipad or tablet!!!****

What are digital apps for drawing and painting?

Basically, they offer you a whole set of freehand sketching art supplies right inside your iPad or Tablet.

Hi I’m Laura Volpintesta!- a 25+ years freelance fashion designer/ illustrator and Parsons Fashion Faculty in NYC and online.  I also teach at Craftsy.com and am the author of The Language of Fashion Design.

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I KNOW WHAT A STRUGGLE it can be to get faces “right”.

We love the expression of fashion illustration, but if we create a sketch and we don’t like the face, then ….we don’t like the whole sketch!

This course is for beginners to advanced lovers of fashion and design.

Let’s find and bring out your voice and your skills in art and fashion!

When you focus on faces in this course– I suggest giving yourself AT LEAST a week for each lesson and practice, if not a month or more…

You’ll find you get better and better and more comfortable.

drawing faces course: Laura VolpintestaBUT THAT’S NOT ALL… YOU’LL ALSO

  • make connections with the course group, if you want.
  • get guidance from me
  • be able to ask anything
  • share your work and discuss
  • earn new apps and resources
  • renew your motivation and commitment
  • dig deeper into your voice
  • express your style
  • evolve and innovate!

and you’ll learn 3 new apps for your IPAD or TABLET-

that’s like getting a comprehensive set of art supplies for just $15 dollars or so (each delicious, elegant, versatile, well-designed digital painting app costs $5).
check out the look of just one app you’ll learn as I explain exactly how to “build a face”.

drawing faces for fashion : Laura Volpintesta

That means markers, pencils, watercolors, textured and colored papers, chalks and crayons, colored pencils, acrylics, brush pens, paintbrushes, fineline pens, textures and more. ……

I’m also the Author of the Language of Fashion Design: 26 Principles Fashion Designers Should Know and co-author of the Fashion Design Reference and Specification Manual.   I’m a Craftsy instructor (see my Designing with Fashion Flats class) , body positive and ethical fashion advocate, encourager, motivator, “cheerleader”, teacher!,

fashion illustration: Laura Volpintesta

SCROLL DOWN to get all of the info about ABOUT FACES online course, 

drawing faces digitally for fashion design


We’ll break down what goes into expressing face, head, hair and features….

they deserve some time and attention just for themselves!

They carry so much expression, tell a story,  and have a lot of building blocks that come together.

drawing faces digitally for fashion : Laura VolpintestaLet’s focus on how to build:

  • nose
  • eyes
  • ears
  • mouth
  • hair
  • shading
  • line
  • lashes
  • highlights
  • textures
  • contours
  • proportions

so you can create impressionistic or realistic fashion illustrations.

GET THESE IPAD/ TABLET drawing techniques:

  • learn my 3 favorite digital painting apps ( I researched so many and tested them!!!) for fashion illustration
  • explore the tools that most apps have in common
  • learn the strengths and weaknesses of each app from experience
  • learn the special capabilities in each app
  • discover your favorite apps for fashion illustration
  • discover your favorite tools and develop your style
  • access a totally portable, totally extensive pro art kit
  • markers, watercolors, acrylics, inks, airbrush, pencils, fineline pens , collage tools, and more
  • watermarking and branding
  • social sharing
drawing faces for fashion and beyond with laura volpintesta


  • on your schedule
  • pace yourself the way that feels right
  • connect with private cozy group
  • share , ask questions, give and get feeback
  • positive creatives only
  • exploration and discovery encouraged always
  • humor and joy, vibrant creativity
  • develop your own unique style by trying new things, making your own choices
  • get feedback and accountability when you need it to move ahead
  • get help over stumbling-blocks from an experienced Fashion Professor and friend :0)


Let’s use  the face as a vehicle to also explore some great simple yet elegant, w o n d e r f u l drawing apps that you can use right in your iPad or iPad mini. They’re cheap, elegant and versatile and I used them to create the images you see on this page.

I can’t wait to guide you through four weeks of videos exercises, lessons and projects that will  tap you into your creative expression and give you valuable experience and insights.

Signup today with the button at the top LEFT of this screen.

Receive 4 rich modules, each with an hour of video, demonstrations, and exercises- your signup gives you lifetime access to your course materials and community!

I look forward to meeting you!


If you don’t sign up, I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE your feedback. PLease let me know your thoughts about the course so we can serve you better!



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