Drawing without fear [VIDEOS]

Drawing without Fear: figure and fashion drawing with laura Volpintesta 

It’s as-yet unthinkable for many …



I’m Laura.

drawing without fear. You’re going to love these videos.

Let’s get honest. After decades of drawing, STILL before I start drawing there is usually an excitement, a thrill, an unknown, a “risky” and “i have no idea what’s going to happen” feeling in the pit of my gut. but still… it’s not FEAR per se.

Drawing is not a test. Drawing doesn’t trigger trauma, inner critic or perfectionist tyranny for me anymore. But hundreds of students, and my own memory, show me how normal and natural that is.

Do I aim “high”?  Of course I do! Because I work with the highest energy. It’s called LOVE! It’s called CURIOSITY! It’s called HEART’S DESIRE, it’s called IMAGINATION,  it’s called INSPIRATION. It’s a calling.

But in 25-+ years teaching fashion design and fashion illustration at Parsons School of Design  (and having been a fashion student in NYC/ Paris at Parsons), and here at Fashion Illustration Tribe I have worked with  HUNDREDS of students struggling to overcome an insidious inner critic that lies to them and holds them apart from their own greatness and tenderness!

Over the years I learned that my genius and greatest joy is to expose and address that sneaky voice within you (as I’ve developed this ongoing relationship with my own over the  years)  which has the amazing effect of EMBRACING AND RELEASING the greatness that calls each of us to learn and engage in the creative expression of  art and design drawing. Model Drawing Magic is a course I created ENTIRELY to immerse students into a TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCE of drawing with flow.

Check out this video lesson below, and  then read on, there’s more below:

Drawing without Fear is FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION

Drawing without fear is a completely different physical experience, A different emotional experience.  A different  spiritual experience! I build this philosophy into my programs, so you can surprise and amaze yourself. (Model Drawing Magic and Soulful Fashion Foundation for example, or Fashion Sketch Group where we meet and sketch together online every week!) When we can relax into flow without attacking the self, the effect is:

  1. EMOTIONAL when we create a safe space for discovery, exploration, and new experience to happen, we are open accept ourselves and are accepted and understood by our guides/ teachers/ peers.  We know we are enocouraged and that every stroke is teaching us something. We know that the honesty of what we see and what expression comes through is what gives the value to our drawing. We know that the experience we have gets to have a quality that revitalizes and inspires us. We know that we are always evolving and respoding to what we see and healing the part of us that used to lash out and judge, criticize, causing us to freeze or give up.
  2. PHYSICAL -this emotional state and approach to drawing without fear relaxes our intellect, allowing a subconscious flow state to come to the fore,  urging us to move in a playful energy!   I use MUSIC to support this multifaceted experience too (see MODEL MAGIC MODEL DRAWING BOOTCAMP for the experience) As you learn in today’s videos, involving your whole body into the drawing, allowing a natural flow into your process rather than going against the current, makes such a big difference!
  3. SPIRITUAL drawing without fear doesn’t ‘push against the current” because we un-learn enough to REBUILD TRUST in ourself and our process of drawing. REBUILDING TRUST in our emotions, instincts, and inner guidance leads us to hone and revel in our personal style and expression in drawing. We operate from the knowing that we are naturally conductors of harmony, beauty, service and valuable creativity. This need not be forced, rather practiced and enjoyed throughout the process.

Read on below about PROCESS versus PERFECTION, experiential learning and pleasure!

Drawing without Fear values your PROCESS

PROCESS is everything! When I had my “awakening”/ “healing” around what I now call drawing without fear, it was because I had an incredible teacher (Joe Haske) who changed my whole orientation towards drawing in one fell swoop!

From day one in his figure drawing/ life drawing classroom at Parsons, my concept of beauty changed. I started to see beauty and depth in the PROCESS of creation, above all else! I feel this way about music too. How beautiful is it when you see or hear art that TEACHES you while you experience it because you can see/hear visible traces of the human hand and mind that made it? When you can feel a liberation, a weight lifting within yourself, through the act. 

That you can feel your own wings unfurl?

I’m one of those people who learned to ditch the eraser and made that my motto -because finally, there is nothing to hide!

Each mark, blemish, and attempt in your drawing process is valuable and that approach to life in general is EXTREMELY HEALING and liberating.

Valuing Process over “PERFECTION” is the most beautiful and forgiving, softening, feminine-powered and expansive way to experience life, the world, and relationships.

And art.

I hope you enjoyed this page and  keep scrolling because there are more videos and content below!!




Light and dark, cloudy and crisp, confident or wobbly, it’s all important.

Contrast and inclusion and HONESTY are what make your work accurate, interesting, and compelling!

Not only that, but it increases your enjoyment of the experience itself IMMEASURABLY!!!

Feel into this with the video below.

Join me every week in FASHION SKETCH GROUP to put it into weekly action through our live fashion sketching zoom sessions!

The Drawing without Fear experience takes on Perfectionism

and exposes how it lies to you , restricts you and holds you back…..

but meeting Perfectionism face–to-face totally helps you heal it! that big, scary BEAST winds up being so flimsy, rigid and puffed up with illusion.

When we dismantle and deconstruct PERFECTIONISM through learning drawing without fear, we realize that what’s on the other side is SO UNDENIABLE, SO TRUE.

SO NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL and liberating that our new perception spills over into all areas of our life. So enjoy this gift!!! ART IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT

I love you and your courage so much-  even when you don’t feel courageous. the word COURAGE comes from COUER – heart. There is a vulnerability in it that is necessary, raw, and beautiful


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