Now before I go too far, let’s make it clear that this post is about a digital fashion sketchbook, but that the layout, process and development in MOST ways is no different than for ANY kind of fashion sketchbooks!

Because I did work digitally (sketching freehand on my iPad Pro), I want to shout out Tayasui Sketches app for creating my favorite app of fashion illustration!

I also want to credit Pret-a-Template (here’s a video about it)  for the croquis template I used.

(peek in closely below and you’ll see that in this particular sketchbook, I decided to sketch on templates that I laid out all over the digital page….look close and you’ll see!

All of the images you see in this digital fashion sketchbook

are extracted from the Module 6 video from Fabric, Form and Flow Eveningwear Sketching course. 

It’s a hybrid kind of a course with hour long tutorials, homework and assignments based on “eveningwear” which I use to describe “SPECIAL FABRICS” (sheer, sparkle, fuzz, shine, metallic, sequin, satin,  leather-look, taffetta, charmeuse, etc. etc….)) and “special silhouettes”.  

Digital drawing using the Tayasui app for android, ipad or computer is used for some of the modules, design and art markers for others, and gouache and pencils for yet others.

Because I believe that when you are studying shine, shadow, and texture, seeing it achieved on all kinds of media actually helps you understand the principles that “make it work” even better!  Regardless of what kind of media you use.

A course like my online program Fabric, Form and Flow: Eveningwear sketching  

introduces you to the idea (and that’s my point) that there are MANY approaches and formats to fashion design sketching, and also to fashion illustration!

It’s my hope that you get the comfort of peering over my shoulder and listening to my creative thought process so that you can see how it all rolls out when I work ….

this gives you the insights to affirm and evolve your own processes that work best for you!

You’ll know right away what ways “work best” and feel best for you.

Posed figures versus "STATIC figures"

Because I used croquis templates in this sketchbook page, I never had to spend any time thinking about the models’ poses. 

I never had to worry about making her body look anatomical or proportionate, and didn’t have to deal with the way fabric creases up or flows differently when the model leans or bends one way or the other.

Some people (including me ) LOVE this freedom because it helps them focus ENTIRELY on the CLOTHING AND DESIGN and not struggling with figures …..

While some OTHER PEOPLE (including me) would never give up the thrill of sketching freeehand models from photos, live models or the imagination. in their fashion sketchbooks!

STATIC FIGURES and templates (pre drawn  figures that you sketch over) are also great for technical drawings and flats because of the clean clarity  of the clothing being presented squarely and cleanly with no distractions.

Front, Back, and Side Views

Whether you use templates or draw freehand digital fashion sketches, or with markers, or with  gouache and pencils…

Exploring front, back and side views as above in your sketches reminds you that fashion design is a 3-D art form that needs to be considered from all angles!

In today’s example I worked only fronts and backs, but the Pret-a-Template template that i used for teoday’s sketches croquis all come with THREE views, which is really nice option to have, especially for bridal or eveningwear (where side views can be very very important!)

Digital Fashion Sketchbooks

 are super portable, bright and clean, versatile, and give you that beautiful possiblity of trying out colors or strokes and then undoing them when you don’t like them…

for many, this is a healing experience that softens the feeling of “making a mistake” or “ruining a sketch” (which are feelings that all of my courses try to soften and soothe so that you can get into the playful flow state that brings out the best of our imagination.

Posed Digital Fashion Sketchbook

I’ll be uploading another post soon where I take the image below and sketch it creatively from a model pose…… I included this fashion illustration/ fashion design sketch below because it was the sketch and concept that went on to inspire the whole group of sketches you see today.

Surely I’d love to go on and on with sketches for this group!

I usually sketch 3-5 times as many outfits or ideas as I actually need so that I have the looseness and freedom to warm up my ideas.

I also like to be able to keep what I love, and toss the rest.

I hope these insights served you. Let me know how it’s going, and join me over in Fabric,  Form and Flow to deliberately up your sketching and designing game in an encouraging environment online!

Love, Laura

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