I’ve heard many say they were traumatized by their fashion studies.

I might be one of them.  But art and design study has all of the potential to be an experience of pure grace.

Observing art and design

delights, inspires, moves us and improves our lives.

CREATING art and design

aligns us with being open to grow, with finding magic in the process.

Studying art and design

puts us on a path that brings us somewhere we have never been before.

It give us

new eyes,

and expands our experience in a way that moves you to the core.

Fashion is an industry.


Fashion is also an art, fine art, and craft.

Fashion translates to a living, moving form.

Fashion media can teach the public.  Fashion can be socially responsible.

Fashion celebrates people, and people celebrate with fashion.

Garments are an essential part of our daily experience

Fashion study is deeply moving.

The human form, the art supplies, ideas, techniques, visions, the expressions, the colors, textures.

Here I talk about that:

Studying art and design is a journey inward, and outward.

Fashion study today can reach farther

innovation is key.

Fashion innovators FEEL.

Fashion thinkers IMPROVE.

Fashion designers SEE.

Fashion lovers IMPROVE…… their client’s lives.

Fashion lovers are curious about sustainability.

Is kinder fashion more beautiful?

Kinder to the wearer, to the environment, to society, to families?

What does fashion look like going forward?

When you

study fashion design

you interpret the body.  You observe its forms, you respect it.

You feel how it moves. You aim to please…. yourself and the wearer.

Your patterns, colors, and shapes are harmonious to you.

They are fresh, deliberate, inspired, introspective.

They uplift,

good fashion

delights on every level

Fashion study

It is a gift to yourself that is a language that you learn….

It gives you the ability to bring your gifts to the world in that language that you couldn’t speak before.

You will experience many THRILLS and a-ha! s along the way,

and tune into a voice inside you .

You can call that voice “style”, “mission”, “ideas”, “service”, “humor”, “glamour”,

there is no end to the the unique voice in there which can only be uniquely mixed to be YOU.

Practicing your art is a gift you give yourself and the world.

When I began to learn art, design, and figure drawing

my eyes were opened and it was one of the most amazing years of my life.

I want to offer this gift to others.

I wish this


to all who dream of it.





What do you value in fashion design?

What brings you joy?

How do you use fashion for joy?

What is one amazing fashion memory you have?

Please comment below!

This fashion is not exclusive.

This tribe is INCLUSIVE.Share your voice!!!!! Let’s talk. What’s on your mind?

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