digital fashion design sketching

Digital Fashion Design Sketching on the Dress Form

It all started one day when I was visiting the web pages of PGM Dress Form company. I recommend them to all my students at Parsons and in my signature program whenever students who want to work in 3D. They’re beautiful, the company is friendly, free shipping, affordable, quality dress forms and notions.

Then I noticed a great photo of the dress forms in rotation. I screen-shotted it to my camera roll and thought “what a great fashion design sketching tool for my students!!!!” (and my self)!

It’s easy to use with a pencil and paper, but today I’d like to show you some way you can do Digital fashion design sketching on the dress form.


digital fashion design sketching
digital fashion design sketching

Today I’m excited to share with you

this easy and convenient tool for digital fashion design sketching! ( make sure you check out the quick video footage below, too!): 

A dress form/ mannequin template that you can use again and again to design garments from all angles!

The blank, reusable dress form template is located below this text, just scroll down.

How convenient is it to have a croquis templates (some further down this page in the dress form version==subscribe for email updates today and get a bundle of templates!!)  to sketch your ideas hungrily and quickly onto without having to get all set up with sketching figures?

Remember, fashion design is an ART, the art of SCULPTURE.

Sculpture is three dimensional and ideally to be viewed from ALL ANGLES!  That’s why Digital Fashion Design Sketching on the Dress form is such an easy treat!

Here, I uploaded

the dress form sketches (below there are blanks for you you can screen shot, crop and then use yourself right away!!!)

Then, pull the dress form image into your favorite digital fashion design sketching or iPad Fashion illustration app. 

Today’s sketches were created using Procreate app, I believe, on my iPad pro with an Apple pencil , and you can do the same when you pull the image ahove into your digital sketching app.

I have lots of articles

about digital freehand fashion illustration apps , resources, and technqiues here on the blog, and many still waiting to upload! I also have a lot of videos on youtube. 

But here,  in today’s post, I hope you’ll get inspired to try importing the images above of the mannequins so that you can can try digital fasihon design skethching on the dress from for yourself.

Digital Fashion Design sketching is just ONE modality !!!!

you know ii Offer a range of programs and coursess based on my 20 year teaching and designing career at Parsons in NYC and I LOVE to bring out the VERY BEST in you while undoingg the beliefs you have about fashion design, art, and yourself that are keeping you stuck from moving forward to where you want to go.


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digital fashion design sketching on ipad Digital Fashion Design Sketching on the Dress Form

Digital Fashion Design Sketching on the Dress Form

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