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Exploring -kaftans kimonos roots of fashion design sketching and construction

Caftans or Kaftans, Kimonos (both traditional and modified)take the complex world of fashion making and break it down.  Dirndl skirts and circle skirts  do this too.

So often I see students and designers stopping themselves in the fashion design process by making things so much more complicated than they need to be!!!!

Using the roots of fashion design can make a huge difference and bring you back to your fashion-making capability and creativity.

Click the video above to view “kaftans kimonos roots of fashion design sketching and construction”, view here before August 25, or purchase as a part of FASHION DESIGN INFUSION ONLINE COURSE here.

Please, remember- 

it’s beautiful to remember that fabric was so precious once that nobody wanted to cut it. That clothes fit everyone, beautifully.

ALSO IMPORTANT : remember that squares, rectangles, circles and triangles are fundamental components of fashion design and fashion making with INFINITE possibilities.  

They’re even easier to sketch! But not at all boring.

Don’t underestimate the power of kaftans kimonos roots of fashion design sketching and construction, including dirndl skirts and circle skirts. Zandra Rhodes is one excellent example of a designer who knew this! There is a lecture all about her in FAshion Design Infusion, too!

TODAY in this live replay video, let’s explore.   Why do we assume that it has to be so hard, so complicated, … and often…. so labor intensive and ill-fitting like ready-to-wear?   

Are we ready to experiment with   something more immediate and explore?

Why not dive into immediacy, improvisation? Explore using basic sewing and measuring, sketching, pattern cutting and design skills.

So that you can MAKE FASHION NOW!

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#slowfashion #slowsumption #makersmovement #ethicalfashion #expressyourself.

Wear it, sell it, share it, gift it, paint on it, knit it, crochet it, macramé it.

Just don’t delay it!

Dive into your creativity. You deserve it. And someone needs your special voice.

I  love this webinar video replay not just because we cut, drape, sketch. 

But because I also get to talk to you and share examples of  one of my favorite fashion and textile designers.

Welcome to my classroom!

I’m grateful you’re here.

If the link isn’t enabled, just email me at info@fashionillustrationtribe.com.

So far there are 8 videos in the learning series: Pencil Design Sketching, Croquis book with watercolors, model drawing, and Roots of Fashion, Color and Design theory, and more. Plus homework and private course discussion area.

Also, FREEDOM FASHION is enrolling and weekly group calls and content all start to roll out September 3, 2018. Don’t miss the last registration for 2018!

love always! Create always!

How about NOW?

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Laura V

Artisan Apparel Uganda, caftan fashion illustration in African Print in Gouache by Laura Volpintesta
Kaftans Kimonos Roots of Fashion Laura Volpintesta fashionIllustration Tribe
Kaftans, Kimonos Roots of Fashion Design Laura Volpintesta fashion illustration tribe
Marker African print fashion illustration about Laura Volpintesta
Kaftans Kimonos "Roots of Fashion" Laura Volpintesta, fashion Illustration Tribe
Kaftans, Kimonos, Roots of Fashion Design Fashion Illustration Tribe laura Volpintesta

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