Here's your Color and Design Theory REPLAY: PASSWORD: "NEWEYES"

Have you every studied Color Theory or Design Theory???? 

Oh boy, are you in for a ride……. buckle up!!!


You think you know colors, you think you know your eyes. 

Probably you sort of take for granted what you see and react to throughout the day.

Today’s COLOR AND DESIGN THEORY training replay will be available for 48 hours.


color and design theory

what is it?

It breaks down what happens when you look at images, colors, forms.   There is a lot that happens “behind the scenes” and the purpose of today’s training is to  expand and deepen your awareness so that you can see and “know what’s going on” in a new level of understanding.

Then, as you go out into the world, you’ll see that you can analyze what’s going on in new ways that give you some control to create more of what you want and love because… you’ll now how.

color theory 

talks about how colors interact, how they are  perceived and why, and also discusses the language we use to name things such as hue, value, saturation, tint, shade, gradient, tone, color story, and what happens when certain colors are placed next to each other or blended into each other.

We’ll notice together  how to create illustions such as transparency, shadow, and enhanced brightness, “pop”, recession, depth , warmth and coolness and more.

design theory

does it seem haphazard how things are laid out on a page? 

if a piece of paper is flat, how can we influence the viewer to feel flatness or depth?

How to scale and proprtion influence our percetion? 

Which kinds of strokes or elements create senses of movement or stillness?


What does the brain do without you realizing it in order to take in information about space or layers of space on a page, screen,  or in the  three dimensional world????

color and design theory are not new to me

but I continue to be mind-blown about it, every day.


Remember,  I only teach what i ADORE!


Let me know your experience!




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