Model Drawing , art suppies, figure drawing.... (VIDEO Below)

MODEL DRAWING is so much more than you think, until you’ve taken the deep dive.

I first experienced the transformative magic of Model drawing/ figure drawing/ life drawing when I became a fine arts foundation student on my way to be a fashion design major (and later full time fashion design professor) at Parsons School of Design Fashion

Then, as a professor, over 20 years of teaching /guiding students through model drawing exercises, live classes with live standing, posed models as well as fashion illustration.

And the thing is….. it’s such an incredible space that we hold when we join a MODEL DRAWING CLASS and embark on the journey of discovery!

Because once you get a model with limited-time poses, you get to engage in a drawing for a certain amount of time, and then release it.  Its a great way to get lots of experience with less judgment and attachment, which frees you up to be more impulsive and instinct-driven.

Working with music brings you in to a flow state as well.

Model magic (and all of my live courses as well) intentionally uses music built into the course to help you access this flow state and also notice the different moods that different music bring into your model drawing practice!!


A good model drawing course like Model Magic is going to take you into a deeply liberating, freeing and intuitive space where you feel like an artist and a creator. 

A great model drawing course opens you up to playful and exagerrated experimentation, both with styles and attitudes as well as with how you use art supplies….

And experimenting with papers, paints, pens, pencils, charcoals, and different EXERCISES


…that hone your vision and your way of seeing  yourself, your art, and the model in front of you.

MODEL MAGIC COURSE was created to move you out of your safe, stiff comfort zone into a more fluid, vital, personal exploration of model drawing, art supplies, personal expression, discovery, curiosity, honesty, drama, and style.

And more. Learn more by visiting the sales page (it has three free videos on it:0) AND by watching today’s video!

Enrollment closes tomorrow so get in now and save $111 off today,.

I can’t wait to meet you in our private community, Enjoy your lifetime access and use these exercises to deepen your drawing and personal style for years to come!




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