Drawing– particularly figure drawing and even worse, “fashion” model drawing, can bring out our worst critical and perfectionist tendencies!!

Today’s short video is so close to my heart. How do we overcome perfectionism and break into a new freedom of expression that also is more accurate? Yes, it’s possible. the way you look at Drawing…. and your self!

And take note of the idea that “the way we do one thing is the way we do everything”.

So when you change the way you draw and see, you literally will see changes in the way you see and move in the world around(and within) you!! (and MODEL MAGIC IS OPEN– details below)

Today I’ll be sharing with you some specifics about art supplies (chamois, newsprint, and vine charcoal specifically)

as well as specfics about how to see the figure differently- how to capture the energetic essence of the form and emotion/ story in front of you as well as within you.

When we feel free and enter a flow state in our drawing, we reach deeper states of speed, expression, ability and even accuracy…..

Even better than that is how in that flow state we take playful, easy “risks”… I prefer to look at them as experiences of exploration, discovery and curiosity.

My Model Magic course is ALL ABOUT THAT!!!!!!! It’s an all-sizes welcome and encouraged Model Drawing transformational experience that gets you fluid, confident, experienced and expressive in drawing standing, posed models of any proportion for fashion design fashion illustration, fine art, and beyond.

with one module dropping each week for 15 weeks, plus private course community for sharing, questions and help,….
MODEL MAGIC model drawing transformation experience opens August 21- EARLY BIRD coupon code “EARLYBIRD” at checkout by August 15 saves you half off of the entire course plus gets you the FASHION DESIGN INFUSION video bundle FREE as an early bird bonus

and in addition to everything else, it’s truly an experience of self-love and self-discovery that will stay wtih you forever.

Let me know what you think!

Drawing Techniques

How do we change the way we look at drawing?

  • By using basic art supplies in non-basic ways that extend the range of their expression, for example smudging, holding the tool differently, or holding our body dfferently while we draw.
  • by working with different sizes of paper in relation to our body size or drawing instrument size, we have different senses of scale and control
  • by working with TIME to work quickly so that judgment can’t creep in and a playful atmosphere of curiosity comes into the room
  • by using music to enhance our moods and sense of flow and emotion
  • by increasing contrast and dynamics
  • by easing and having conversations with our inner critic
  • by re-connecting to our inner child’s sense of play, imagination and fearless KNOWING-ness
  • by GAINING EXPERIENCE through exercises that bring NEW powerful experiences into our body and soul, and onto paper
  • by tuning into our senses and intuition rather than our fear
  • by being in a supportive group and asking questions, sharing and getting feedback over 4 months, giving a week to et each technique “sink in”
  • by disspelling common cultural myths about drawing that brainwash you into believing that you can’t draw.

I’ve been teaching Fashion Illustration and Model drawing at Parsons School of Design for over 20 years.

come with me as I bring out the best in you based on so much love and experience with students.



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