Welcome, creative fireball.

Here are some new videos SPECIFICALLY about

learning, growth, creative communities, learning envoironments,

Self expression and self-discovery. A relationship that always has a new frontier, a new energy inside you that wants to surface and flow into your experience.

What we are called to create, is our desire.

What is our relationship to ourself, to our desire, our creative power??

BIRTH- ever the metaphor for creative process- gestation and birth are “hero’s journeys “ that bring wisdom to the labor pains along our path.

How do containers of time and community affect our expansion?

Finally, how can we birth our vision?

How active is the experience of learning, birthing or growing, and how passive is it?

Where is it east, where is it hard, and how much can we influence our experience?

“What you’re looking for can be found where you were afraid to look”…. that ONE THING that is “UNTHINKABLE “ is the doorway to freedom and self discovery

Peruse the titles and pick the ones that jump out at you!!

They’re all based on my personal experiences as artist, teacher, student, designer, musician, business owner, and mama.

There’s your main voice, your comfort zone. And? There are your edges. The farthest reaches of your comfort zone: where it trails off. How can you harness the raw beauty of those vulnerable, beautiful edges?

I’d love to hear where this lands with you in the comments.

Love, Laura

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