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This post is dedicated to the many mother students who have been posting and sharing pictures of their children drawing and painting alongside them while they take my online classes……thank you….

fashionillustrationTRIBE.com by laura volpintesta, sketch by Lua Leite, my daughter. Healing the inner critic, and inviting the inner child to come out and play. MIndset video bundle by Laura Volpintesta


After my second child was born in 2001 and the university let me go because I was due in September (I came back 2 1/2  years later-I spent those years teaching Music Together “mommy and me” music and movement) and learning about a new kind of “model”- not the fashion model.

 Modeling  was the word for exhibiting behaviors and dispositions toward art, expression, movement and musical experience, as well as any behaviors, period.  Modeling is powerful because  when we care about someone, or someone cares about us, because we often adopt their attitudes and behaviors as we human beings are “wired” that way for survival and acceptance..

 You may notice how that has played out so far- for better or for worse- in your own life story. What did your parents model for you regarding your self expression in the arts and beyond?.  (Once you have that awareness, though, you can adjust the story/attitude as needed!!).

YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARD YOUR CREATION or expression can be the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE that comes through in your work!


For example, in Music Together (click to see their mission statement), I never forgot their mantra point that your child doesn’t care ‘how you sing”, your child just wants you to sing to them.  They want to hear your voice vibrate, and feel your presence, feel your joy. They want to know you and be with you.   Your infant/child does not judge your singing.

  Consider this in application to art.  Real, sincere expression has impact, and is needed.

I have had quite a few fashion students whose messages were so powerful that it became irrelevant HOW they drew in comparison to WHAT THEY SAID (concept, content) with the skills they had.

Does this strike a chord with you?

Laura Volpintesta, learning arts and healing the inner critic, mindset transformation for fashion students and artists.

Taking out the paints,

dancing to the radio, or tackling a project with joy is better for you, and definitely fosters your child’s attitude toward creation. The attitude sets the tone for the abilities to come forth. Now you can’t force a relaxed, joyful attitude toward creation, but you CAN allow one to come forth…. 

I’ve noticed that every time I video blog, my 4 year old starts filming herself at the laptop.  (She is way cuter than me).   When I paint, she starts painting.  

No prodding needed…she just does it.  (and when I share, she shares….. like that one!)

Likewise, I have plenty of students who are “first generation” artists, without models in their childhood,  who are drawn to art and design and are breaking the ground for the first time, overcoming fears about their abilities that are overruled by how much they love design. In this case, it is awesome to examine where or when their own self judgment in art creation, question where it came from, and then invite it to leave the room so we can get in touch with our amazing abilities as they unfold!

 I had a wake up call where I simply OPENED MY EYES and recognized that the whole “fashion drawing” bubble had burst for me. 

The way I had been trained was completely at odds with my own body and lifestyle,  and I couldn’t believe in it anymore.

 I looked up to my teachers and my school so much as a young woman, that I had responded to the methods that they modeled in sketching distorted figures by conforming blindly.

My change of heart crept up over the years very naturally(Especially after giving birth, and realizing how AMAZING my REAL body was).  For example, all of my students were buying up this fashion illustration book called “Nine Heads”, and while the drawings were well detailed and executed, I found it impossible to recommend  this wildly popular book because only included unreal, distorted body types. And this just…hurt.


 I saw the new wave of fashion illustration emerge.

How amazing is it that  I can teach beautiful illustration techniques for women to design for their own body or any body they want to, now.  I see this aspect of my business and mission growing.  Men too, —come aboard! This is positive movement for everyone.

If you have to distort the body to make your design look good, then maybe you should develop your design eye further.  what an opportunity and invitation!

(You can quote me on that).

You are invited to develop your eye-hand-heart-mind connection in my beginner video online adventure, or go super-deep into fashion model drawing, design, and illustration in my LEVEL ONE FASHION IMMERSION  semester. it’s available as a single course, or as an all inclusive program including every course I’ve created and some private coaching sprinkled in. In keeping with this post, my course respects your home, comfort, space, and family in the development of your skills…. while supporting a real woman’s body, whichever woman you choose.  (Even if she’s tall and thin, as long as she’s real, as well as plus-size and everything in between).


Working with drawing and design students (as well as music and movement students and business owners), the theme is universal:
The inner knowing and inner calling versus this inner judge/ critic/ disciplinarian.
?Where did the voice come from? Who was it (teacher/parent/”friend”/ sibling etc)? When did you take it in as your own?

? Where does it shrink you and steal your joy? Where and what do you TOLERATE?
?Where do you diminish or  subdue yourself? What spaces, areas of life, or which environments or relationships? 
? WHERE, with whom, and in what areas of your life do you NOT feel this suppression
Where and in what situtations do you flow easily, radiate, inspire and receive inspiration, glow and relax into play, belief in yourself and positive outcomes?
? What does it FEEL LIKE when you are in that flow? What does your inner voice say in these situations and experiences?

?When does it tell you to dial yourself down, drop your dream, ask for less than your full desire, mumble your truth in an inaudible whisper, hide your real needs, ignore your own heart?

?What does it say, where does it hurt? (like, literally WHERE IN YOUR BODY???? Close your eyes, feel. Write it down.

I know these are hard questions but they can liberate you so much when you observe what’s going on, rather than being taken down in there throes of an emotionally overwhelming moment where it all comes looming up

There is no shame in having this voice that we all have! (Shame IS its voice. )There is no shame to admit it! In fact, SHAME  is its number one tactic for keeping you and your beautiful sacred self hiding in dark shadows.

Embrace yourself in shadows, in light. Embrace your shame, exuberance, messiness, vulnerability, brilliance, intuition, and your heart, above all your heart.

Your inner child wants to come out to play as much as present moment you does. There’s no SHAME in That and no judgment.

Your Divine Self knows what you’re here to experience and only YOU can give yourself permission by honoring that voice.  Often we are so used to the Silencer within that we don’t realize it’s happening.

And we “think” we don’t know what we want or what we’re capable. And We’ll stop thinking 🤔😂😂😂 and KNOW.

Know. Know in all the cells of your body. I love to work with clients to help them hear, honestly, what they already know but “say” and “think” they don’t.  I know they know because they actually say it out loud, but cannot hear themselves.

I’m here to help you hear yourself again and ad-vo-cate for your own self again. Tô me, this IS the journey and I’m honored and overjoyed  when you invite me in to do this sacred work.

I have a 1:1 August coaching slot open. DM me! Model Magic is my most raw/wild/experimental/ expressive model drawing course 

Another miracle this year on this topic:  I was invited to  speak on a panel for Francisca Pineda’s Ethical Fashion Academy about women’s bodies and changing the way fashion design illustration is taught and presented, along with opening a conversation on age, size, and color in fashion imagery. After years of singing pretty songs into a microphone, I got to use one to speak up and out about body image and fashion imagery.  I am definitely up for more of this.  It was exhilarating.

Well, my loves, I only know one thing.  If I can see these things happening in my life, SO CAN YOU.It’s sooooo much more fun when we share the journey.I hope you’ll share a few miracles of your own in the comments below! What has your year been like?

Love always,Laura

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