Today’s mini-training shares with you some of my very favorite art supplies, from paper (Strathmore toned Sketch) to drawing tools like White China Marker, Conte’s Pierre Noir Pencil in 3B, Prismacolor Premier, and a classic Sepia colored, soft Conte Crayon.

You’ll have to watch the video to know WHY i recommend and use these tools in my fashion model drawing and illustration classes, and HOW AND WHY they can SERIOUSLY deepen your freedom of expression! (Isn’t that what we all want??) and accuracy as well!!! (Ps read down below about the coupon code and open enrollment happening right now!)

Click the image to view the model drawing/ art supplies/ and “what are you afraid of and how to help it” VIDEO

Okay, while we’re still here I’ll tell you some of the secrets of the video and my fashion art teaching philosophy.

If you are afraid of “messy”, you will only know half of your voice. When you “descend” into the “mess “ of imperfection, without judgment, but more with curiosity and observation, your life (and your drawings and paintings) change!!

Your senses come alive. Your emotions come through. YOu start to see more keenly and truthfully. Your drawing gets more honest, and more accurate!

Why are we so scared?

Because of myths about art, drawing and creation that are seriously permeated in our culture (possibly to keep us from our own potentional!!)

In my MODEL MAGIC online course, I specifically debunk 14 myths about drawing, one by one, in each of the 14 perception changing exercises.

You can learn more about the MODEL MAGIC program here, and stay in the loop when doors open and close for enrollment by subscribing here on the site for my newsletter and also by following my instagram!

ONE THING YOU NEED TO KNOW is that RIGHT NOW there is a coupon code at checkout:

Type “REMEMBER” to save $111 off the course and get it for just $222 plus a big bonus training bundle if you sign up in the next 24 hours!

I hope you loved today’s video. Leave me a comment on youtube or send me a message on instagram and let me know! I love to hear from you always!

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