Let’s look at basic “dart manipulations.

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In today’s Vídeo tutorial, (click images to view) we use a 1/4 scale sloper (basic fitted pattern block with no seam allowance and one dart) …


athers are distributed between notches for a textural effect rather than using a smooth dart. Here, in pattern tissue.

And we’ll move the dart into the shoulder!

Then we’ll turn it into gathers by moving the notches.

And there’s more!

We’ll explore Stylelines like the princess line, and we’ll also crest HORIZONTAL Stylelines.

In this case above, the darts are hidden into a CURVE. Below, there is an angled seam hiding the fit between two panels!

This means we’ll have a two paneled garment instead of a single garment with a dart, which is so cool for color blocking or mixing different fabrics.

It’s also so beautiful to create such a clean design, using two panels makes the dart “disappear” into a continuous seam.

In the tutorial
Video we used mini patterns so you can learn the lesson easily at your own desktop.

What do you think?

Working the 1/4 scale pattern drafts helps you internalize each concept quickly before you work full- size.

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