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Here’s a list of supplies that I recently shared with my Patternmaking class at Parsons in NYC.

Don’t be shy to ask and I’m so excited to be on this Patternmaking discovery with you.

some Useful links I will be adding to our syllabus today!!!:

pgm dress forms  

student account page:


an inexpensive source for supplies

tracing paper:

steinlauf and stoller- 

notions and supplies

in the garment center,  227 west 37 street

workroom supplies (pattern alphabet paper and the stiff, green-backed pattern paper also)

measuring tapes, rulers, pattern wheels, pins, pencils and chalks, etc

scissors and scissor sharpening

sil threads

257 W 38 Street NY NY  in the garment center in NYC (there is no online ordering, i think, and no prices on the website!!)

ALL KINDS OF SUPPLIES from scissors to pins to EVERYTHING you need.

also, dress forms


greenand white pattern thick paper

“alphabet” dotted marking paper :

TRANSFER PAPER to transfer pattern markings to fabric (I recommend the dark blue for the work we do in this class… which is all in muslin rather than fabric. I recommend white for fabric)

BLICK art supplies is around the corner from school

They are open 9-7 on Saturdays, our class day!

21 East 13th Street

New York,  NY  10003

(212) 924-4136

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