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How can you create original art for fashion, in simple repeat… create a tile of pattern that can be multiplied infinitely in every direction?  Scroll down to watch a full instructional video. 

It was originally a Periscope stream. My handle on Twitter and Periscope is @lvolpintesta

How can you create mood and individual personality for your fashion design ideas by creating original prints?

I recommend a book called “ A Field Guide to Fabric Design“.

I that book, a few years back, I learned this awesome technique.

I can’t help but remember in writing my book “the Language of Fashion Design”, that in researching the designer biographies, a quote from Tracy Reese.  She was quoting a buyer who once told her that ” a print created the basis for a fashion collection”.  Truly, it is an amazing communicator of style. Look at how some designers like DVF Diane Von Furstenberg use print to express their design sense.  Or check out “the Art of Zandra Rhodes“, a great book about a textile designer-turned fashion designer icon.

I was just looking at the collections of a former Parsons student I remember, Tanya Taylor. Her colors and prints TOTALLY set her apart from other designers. It’s awesome. If you visit my Pinterest boards, I have one board entirely devoted to prints, patterns, and patterned fabrics. Also check out the prints on my African Fashion Pinterest Board too! It’s print-heavy, to say the least!

and aside from all of that? If you watch this video, you will see how just absolutely pleasurable and fun it is to “meet the muse” and follow your creative experience through the process to end result.


Here is the video.

I streamed it live on Periscope (my username on Periscope is @lvolpintesta) and you can download this app for android or iPhone very easily. It’s loads of fun! You can jump on lifestreams all over the world and chat live with the people streaming.

I LOVE periscope and it allows me to spontaneously stream and connect with people globally in a totally new and energizing way, on a variety of topics!

I hope you enjoy the video! I hope you’ll come join my “scope” community!!

I also share lots of print, fashion illustration, design and inspiration on instagram, follow me here!


PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask me ANYTHING, that’s what I’m here for!

Laura Volpintesta, signature, Fashion Illustration Stribe fashion schoolLaura Volpintesta, Fashion Illustation Tribe

Laura Volpintesta, fashion illustrator, Stella Jean ensemble

Laura Volpintesta, fashion illustrator, Stella Jean ensemble


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