Fashion Model Drawing Class!

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Several video are included below. All in all, my fashion model drawing class videos, courses, articles,  teach:

  1. fashion model drawing (see videos below), for all body types
  2. fashion technical drawing (garment details and flat sketches)
  3. art supplies for fashion illustration: gouache and watercolor, pencil , pen, marker, techniques
  4. digital art supplies / fashion  apps/ digital fashion illustration
  5. books and web resources for fashion design
  6. creative process and ideas
  7. rendering prints, matching color swatches to paint, capturing textures
  8. how to shade
  9. methods to present, lay out,  and share your beautiful work
  10. quick sketching
  11. final illustrations
  12. mood boards, inspiration and research for fashion creatives!
  13. ethical fashion awareness
  14. diversity
  15. body positivity

Fashion Model Drawing Class Videos:

Standing model, brush pen and pencil

Fashion Model Drawing with a complex yoga pose, plus-size model. This is a REALLY informative video based on a student request. I  love the way it came out! (below)

This video shows how and why we use gouache for sketches and talks about shading,( one of the best and most feared tools of fashion model drawing!) Students resist trying it…but once you you really give it a chance, it’s a TOTAL GAME CHANGER that adds movement, texture, depth, and dimension. I can’t say enough about the power of shading.

In addition, here I give you a taste of how you can sketch figures with a wet brush instead of a sharp pencil and see how that empowers and enriches your experience!

The video below (featuring some of my original music sketches) gives you a feel for markers… the newest addition to my fashion illustration services ( for live in-store events and parties) as well as a new online course

Please let me know : WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE VIDEO, and why?

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