is a creative fashion art challenge for all skill levels

WHY a challenge? It’s not a competition or a contest.

A challenge is for energizing and inspiring!

It’s amazing for meeting people, and Intersecting around topics we share in common!

I love mixing and mingling among creatives learning, encouraging, inspiring, and growing.

There is power in sharing Ideas, techniques, and diverse points of view. I love telling stories!

Meaningful connections happen in this space!

I’ve seen friendships and collaborations ensue.

This is the wonderful power of social media for artists!. If you’ve never participated in a challenge before, how about now?

That’s how the #flowerframedfaces creative fashion art challenge was born.

For the love of Creative Fashion Art and connections between artists.

So, Search the hashtag on Instagram, FB, and Google.

Or, better yet, USE the hashtag #flowerframedfaces to share YOUR ORIGINAL ART among people who love it and participating.

What a cool way to meet other creatives and take your original spin on a theme, sharing your unique voice!



It started on one of my favorite platforms, Periscope.tv/LVolpintesta


I was sketching a face that had a flower crown on it, and had looked specifically for a photo with an Asian model after one of my FREEDOM FASHION students from China who follows me on instagram  (we met on Periscope originally) thanked me for sketching an Asian model.

So I thought “ooh, i want to do more!” so found this gorgeous model, and sketched her up in markers during a periscope livestream (I usually scope at 12pm EST on my channel).

Here’s the result from that day’s livestream. (watch full replay right here)

(full replay here) .

 This one was with gouache.

I would love to see you using, sharing and searching

the #flowerframedfaces challenge on social media so WE can meet, and you can meet my friends, and so on and so on, right? I’ll see your work when I search the tag.

You can also find me and share your art

In the Fashion Tribalistas Facebook Group

Or my Facebook Page,

Periscope and Twitter: @Lvolpintesta


Here are some of the great artists

and souls who have been supporting and participating in the challenge.


So close to being done with the #FlowerFramedFaces challenge! @lauravolpintesta #decoden #sweets #foodie

A photo posted by Shonuff Studio (@shonuffstudio) on

#wip #flowerframedfaces #Lyra #graphite #neocolorii loose #sketch #seewithlove #speakwithlove

A photo posted by Tamiko McCurry (@mekofosho) on


and use the portable, inexpensive, quality art supplies in your digital devices (Ipad/tablet) in my ABOUT FACES online course! Check it out!


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