There’s so much I could say about fashion students.

I’ve been one, and I’ve guided many.

In 1997, one of my former teachers hired me back as a teacher.

Before that, I never imagined that I would/ could be a teacher, but she must have seen something in me. I am forever grateful that she saw this in me, because I found it to be a way of life ever since.

When I teach, I feel like a fountain pours on… everything that i have inside of me that the students need, just POURS out. Usually after I teach, i can barely talk or remember my name, because during I have such an intense focus. It’s the kind of focus that comes from doing something that takes you over and does its own magic.

I was a fashion student myself,

and I had such incredible feelings as I became masterful in my art and craft. In my school, fashion students began with a full year of fine art study. IN that year I felt my eyes change, and my hands change- I was becoming able in ways I never new possible and seeing things I  had never been able to see before.

When the fashion students moved in to the fashion specific courses, it was more of the same…going deep into skills and crafts that just blew my mind.

As a Parsons faculty, my classes naturally filled with students year after year. It was totally in the flow.

In 20o9 I had a baby and saw the faculty around me getting let go, one by one. I had just started teaching online at Parsons and the idea was born in me to start my own school.

Actually, that idea had really been born 20 years earlier when my 90-something New Yorker Garment industry veteran step-grandmom wrote me a letter, and she said “charge more than the big fashion schools, and start your OWN school!”. She was very business savvy.

20 years later, i started building that dream. It’s a lot of work getting the word out there!

But you know what? The fashion students I’ve have attracted have been GOLDEN.

I was so happy to find this in my twitter feed today! Click the image to visit the tweet.

Fashion Students- Freedom Fashion online course


Now, most of my fashion students see me regularly.

My online fashion courses have discussion boxes where they can upload images, videos, and text to give and get feedback and ask questions.


I get to see the results of their work, and watch their voice unfold and their wings unfurl. What begins as an idea or a dream becomes a reality one sketch at a time.

But the student above, I had never seen her work because I had created a “self -study ” course in order to make the program more affordable and accessible to everyone. But lately I’ve been going back into those classrooms and catching up with those students as well, because even if my income doesn’t come from those classes and I’m hustling out there trying to bring money in from other sources, … The energy and inspiration I get from each of those students literally blows me away.

Each individual has an undeniable style.

Literally like human voice. Unique.

Part of it is their visual voice. It’s their references, it’s their perspective. It’s their vision, and their values.

You’ll sense it even the way they interact with others, the way they approach their work and their journey. In their attitude toward the challenges and uncertainty students feel as they learn new things.

What’s the worst the worst thing that can happen to a fashion student?

It’s to get crushed.

Because love is what brings us to this art and to this craft. Whether we want to go into the fashion industry or simply develop as craftsmen or artists (actually, there’s nothing simple about that) the world thing that can happen is feeling so disheartened by your community, competition or negative teachers that you lose your love for your dream.

When your love is fed, you can’t go wrong. It always knows how to lead the way.

I’m so excited to see 2017 coming down the pike and the new students and relationships coming along the way.

Will you come on board?

So, FREEDOM FASHION is here and it is NOT a self-study.

You can get lots of interaction if you want.

But I can’t spread the word all along. Please help me spread the word because I promise you, I am an awesome fashion teacher, but your classmates and the interaction and sharing among you is the other most valuable thing that happens in FREEDOM FASHION.

Hmmmmmmaybe I should call it “FREEDOM FASHION FAMILY”!


Love always,





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