Love cannot be contained
Did you ever think you’re “too much”??
Someone gave you that feeling…
You thought “okay I’ll manage this”
I’ll restrain myself
It never feels quite right
Love is energy
Love is life force energy
Love is life creating and life saving energy
And it moves
Block it—- and you’ll feel stuck
Only because love is a lightning bolt
Made to shoot across the sky
A shooting star
A rumbling volcano
A crystal sunshower
A flowing river
A warm breeze
It’s a wave of goosebumps
And an inner knowing
It doesn’t fit on the page
Because it’s too big

And it moves mountains

And it’s your Truth.
Recently I noticed so many blocks—- where I can allow more love in
So many blocks where I am
Holding back where there are tidal-wave-oceans of love
As if that miraculous power was an inconvenience to anyone.
Wonder where I learned that?
The next frontier is honoring it always
Harnessing it always
Allowing it to do its healing magic
Like intended
The journey is ALLOWING
More freely
That abundant natural resource
That gets locked away in a frightened heart.
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