Do You Want to Learn How to Draw Fashion???

How to draw fashion


Good day! (Good night?) How are you today?  Are you feeing inspired? Do you have even a half hour or an hour to whip out your pencils and do some model drawing?

A refresher or beginner video “How to Draw Fashion” is included at the bottom of the post to get you started!!!!

I taught a fashion illustration class for Teens last night, which was a first… I usually teach undergraduate and graduate students at Parsons in NYC and online.

It is a really amazing feeling to work with such young creators who will be shaping their future with their skills, values,  and views.

AS a foundation, we started learning how to draw fashion figures and detail sin the clothes.

So that they can practice their figure drawings this week  with a model, I have created two resources pages for this, the  “rather skinny” model file and the “plus size” model file. Click to view!

I also have body-positive and diverse boards LOADED with figures to sketch from on PINTEREST! check them out right here!

We usually come to fashion because we love clothes, beauty, history, culture, fabrics, colors, movement. But, darn it…. we just have to start by drawing and understanding the BODY. And basic art skills. And I really believe in that.How to draw fashion


” If you understand what the body is doing inside the clothes, you can draw the clothes better”- you can quote me on that!

Below you’ll find my you tube video on how to draw fashion figures- learn to build the figure on the page.

AS you view the file, you may find some figures are more your style than others. That’s fine!  And you will learn to draw them so well that you can customize the method for any body type you want to!

If you don’t have time, just run through it fast.

That said, I want to make 3 very important points about time when you learn to draw fashion figures:

  1. There is a LOT to be said for “warming up”. Allow yourself to throw out your first 10 to 15 minutes or 1/2 hour of drawings and KNOW AND TRUST that your fashion model drawing surely improves over time as you get warmed up and relaxed, focused and freed.
  2. A short session will usually cut you off just when you are getting into the “zone”…. so if you can set aside two hours, and put on the headphones with your favorite music…….. the magic will REALLY start to flow.   When I teach three hour studios at the university, its right at that 3rd hour that I can really see the students get into that sweet zone and hate to end the class.
  3. Limiting the amount of time you spend on your fashiondrawings is an AMAZING tool.  Get a kitchen timer and set it for one minute (or use your smartphone timer).  Do a dozen model drawings. Throw them in the garbage (optional). Then set your alarm for two minutes. Do a dozen poses.  Toss. Then set your timer for 3 minutes. Do a dozen drawings. Toss, REPEAT at 5 minutes.  I CANNOT UNDEREMPHASIZE THE POWER OF LIMITING YOUR TIME. It allows you to let go of what you’re doing and move on if it isn’t working. It also allows you to LOOK AT THE ESSENCE OF WHAT YOU SEE AND CAPTURE THE MOST IMPORTANT DETAILS FIRST without getting hung up on little details.

If you hold your pencil like a stick instead of a writing instrument and stand up, you can create your model drawings with sweeping movements of the arm instead of restrained movements of the fingers only and the wrist.   AND WHOLE DRAWINGS and figures will come to life QUICKLY and hold a lively energy. TRY IT!

You’ll see all of this in the video below.

So there you go!

I love to see you shine, so please comment below and let me know how I can help or email me your sketch so we can chat.

Resource page: model drawings , FASHION FIGURE FILE!

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You can share your results from this video class in the Fashion Tribalistas Facebook Group for feedback and ask questions there too! Join our dynamic and friendly fashion community!

Please share my courses and blog with those who need this info! Thank you!



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