Today I’m happy to share with you a bouquet of fashion design masterclasses,

Join me as I read from my book “The Language of Fashion Design: 26 Principles Every Fashion Designer Should Know”….

and we discuss the images and concepts that are fundamental to fashion design and fashion illustration!
When I got the book contract, (view the Yale University Library Review’s review here)…..the publisher gave me this concept:

the book was to have 26 chapters, like 26 characters in the alphabet.

Except instead, I was to choose 26 fundamental principles of fashion design

intro to the masterclass series announcement

I chose the 26 fashion design principles of:

  • Color
  • Shape
  • Silhouette
  • Lne
  • Bias
  • Block
  • Construction
  • drape
  • volume
  • function
  • deconstruction
  • negative shape
  • symmetry
  • asymmetry
Negative Shape Masterclass here
  • Transparency
  • Layer
  • Texture
  • Print
  • Contrast
  • Direction
  • Embellishment
View the SYMMETRY Masterclass right here
  • Pattern
  • Surface
  • Movement
  • Motif
  • Collection
view the COLOR Masterclass replay here

5 Fashion Design masterclasses

26 Fashion Design Biographies

Not only were there going to be 26 chapters, principles and text and supporting images for each one, but there were also to be small biographies of 26 fashion designers… one for each chapter, and illustrating the principle.

I chose the following:

what fashion designers and illustrators would YOU have chosen?

What Principles would YOU consider the most important ones?

Which Masterclass is the most important to you?

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