Fashion Sketchbook: Adding Color to the Croquis


Laura Volpintesta, Fashion Illustation Tribe

Good day, TRIBE! Back to the

Fashion Sketchbook!!

How are we feeling? Another day, another fresh start to try new things, creating the life we dream of….

I’ve been reviewing the final layout and text for my BOOK!!!! I have to say that when I opened the file, I just cried.  It was such a huge job, born of such a big dream, and now my life moves on with new projects…. and so suddenly the manuscript lands in my lap like this huge GIFT, which it truly is.

Available on Amazon for pre-0rder, February 2014 release!!!!

Let’s hit the Fashion Sketchbook!  How to- Here are the skintone basics, adding color to the croquis group, and there will be more videos come up in this series:0)

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LOTS of LOVE and encouragement!!

Please comment here to ask any questions … or share your techniques or approaches!


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