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I hope using these fashion templates for toddler, girl, tween will help YOU start YOUR own business too, so you can have more time with your family or doing whatever it is you truly love to do, so the whole world can benefit from that.  This is how a sustainable world is built!


Remember, Print the fashion templates, then trace your designs over them with a sheet of copy or sketch paper that has some transparency to it. Use the body as a guide to create your designs.. If the body doesn’t “feel right” for your market , adjust in your tracing to make a new template.

fashion tween croquis template fashion design sketches Laura Volpintesta
screen shot from a tutorial in ABOUT FACES, my digital course about using apps for fashion illustration and design.

Once you’ve cranked out a dress, a shirt, a skirt, and a pant that you love, you really don’t necessarily need the template any more.  You can also just work all of your new flats off of the basics you create, and it will still give a uniform proportion and feel to them. SKETCHING AND DESIGNING FASHION USING A CROQUIS TEMPLATE IS SO FUN (and can also be a great way to sketch digitally on ipad or other device) and really frees you up to focus on the clothing without worrying about the model drawing. ALSO, it makes sure that all of your flat sketches are uniform in their sizing- which is really important when you are communicating about design.

baby boys fashion designs by Laura Volpintesta for Gap

When I freelanced at the Chlldren’s Place many years ago, I loved my job, which was to sketch piles of European sample garments of beautiful girls’ clothes into detailed flats, front and back.  I love that kind of work, sitting in a corner with a pile of beautiful things to draw. That’s my style. To me, every garment has a personality, a life to it, and capturing that spirit in a drawing is totally thrilling, and in-spirit.

I’ve noticed since then that their clothes, incidentally, aren’t throwaway clothes, they last a long, long time, and that is a step toward sustainability.  In fact, there is a used clothing store for children in my area, and their racks are stuffed with garments from the Children’s Place, because they don’t wear out!  Clothes that wear and wear and wear on are GREAT DESIGN!

Laura Volpintesta fashion croquis for tween pre teen fashion model design template croquis


In fact, my first Full time job after graduating fromParsons was at Old Navy, designing Baby Boy’s and Newborn.

That however, was not a dream job. Beautiful office, beautiful neighborhood, bright happy colors, great benefits. The problem ? I would have to sneak out around midnight each night when my boss went to the Ladies’ room. She never let me leave. She worked all night long!  

I didn’t know what else to do. I lasted three months.  Working 65 hours per week wasn’t for me, even at 23 years old.   I was convinced that I had a life to be lived.  I almost considered smoking just so I would get breaks :0)  that’s when the company was just starting out, and we launched the flagship store on 18th and 6th… which was a perk. The grand opening was star-studded and very exciting.

So that’s when I left New York, moved to Connecticut, set up a Bridal and custom garment studio, did alterations, and made piles of African Print garments, my passion.

One year later I started teaching at Parsons and moved back to New York.  I realized early on at that Old Navy experience that nobody can pay you enough for your days off.  A day off is worth millions, isn’t it? Especially if you can’t access one.   I’ve listened to young designers begging for vacation days after working at a company for a year while their boss holds a calculator and says “oh, no you don’t….”  I feel like as long as we are that hard on ourselves, how humane can our business practices and production be?

There has to be another way!


Fashion Illustration Tribe.

The full size version is  of the girls croquis templates, toddler croquis templates, and baby croquis templates are above and below on this page.

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croquis fashion templates preteen tween fashion design Laura Volpintesta

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Laura Volpintesta, Fashion Illustration Tribe, FAshion croquis template girl, and toddler girl for flats and design sketching

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