Are you ready for your fashion design infusion of foundation fashion studies?

This summer during the Freedom Fashion launch,  Fashion Design Infusion Course was born. 

Fabric and Inspiration Creative Process for Fashion Sketching How do you take design inspiration and translate it into fabrics? 

How do you take fabrics and translate them into gouache sketches ? 
How do you draw models and figures that resemble your target customer? 
How do you dress them and take a single idea and translate it into a collection of pieces? 
How do you quick sketch, how do you edit your sketches/croquis? 
How do you manipulate gouache, how do you use basic digital tools to illustrate if you don’t want to use gouache?
 ALL OF THIS AND MORE are covered in FASHION DESIGN INFUSION online fashion design course.
Learn fashion illustration and design online with Laura Volpintesta
HI, I'm Laura Volpintesta. i've been teaching fasihon design and illustration at Parsons School of Design since 1997, created their first online studio fashion design course, and am the author of the Language of Fashion Design: 26 Principle Every Fashion Designer Should Know. It is my joy and passion to connect with you and bring you past your hurdles in becoming fluent in the infinite language of fashion art, design, and craftsmanship. Working with hundreds of students on various platforms and in the university has given me a unique insight and perspective on how to open you up to take in new tools and processes in a setting that facilitates learning and creativity,
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