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Laura Volpintesta fashion artist, jazz singer

Fashion Artist Laura Volpintesta

Laura Volpintesta has been practicing for over 20 years as a Fashion Design Associate Professor at Parsons School of Design in NYC and freelancing in the NYC Fashion Industry.

A mom of three, she now works from her home studio teaching and creating online courses, doing live sketch retail events and custom illustration for private and corporate clients.

She’s also a skilled technical designer and sketcher (hand sketching) and taught draping, pattern making and sewing at Parsons for 5 years before teaching Portfolio, Model drawing, design sketching and design illustration studio classes.

The past few years have involved a lot of growth using new methods and media:

Once a staunch supporter of watercolor and pencil-only illustration (featured in the 15 week design skeching semester online program), she is now also a fan fluent in digital painting for fashion illustration (see my ABOUT FACES online course) and Markers. (see Markers Magic online course).

Please contact me at info@fashionillustrationtribe.com for inquiries about booking events or hiring Laura Volpintesta

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When I teach, we begin with model drawing for beginners. How to create a customizable figure, standing, in a consistent proportion?

What happens when you want to pose it?

And then….. how do to  capture garment silhouettes and textures?

In what ways can we use line and shadow to specify three dimensional form, texture, and details such as closures and seemliness, or pleats and gathers, in a fashion garment?

A fashion artist loves these elements of design and enjoys becoming fluent in them.

I always include all of these elements in my fashion art and can teach you how I approach them.

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Fashion art can be creative or technical. I teach and practice both.  I love getting creative working with color, especially bold color, textures, or prints, and recreating them in fashion sketches. There are techniques to help you do that, especially in order to create groups of design sketches around a theme…

You can create groups of quick sketches, and also learn how to create final, polished, finished illustrations where you can create a mood board, collect some swatches, and design from those swatches. Plus, you’ll even learn  how to design surface patterns that repeat!

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Generally, I find that one-on-one coaching and group settings are the most magical…interacting with others is a powerful way to learn and share, to give and get back, to step out into your own voice within a community of one (me, Laura), or more.

Why not book a one-on-one session with me to learn more about how this works! info@fashionillustrationtribe.com

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I love to coach you into developing your own unique portfolio of design expression and presenting your ideas in a beautiful way.

YOUR ideas….YOUR way, with guidance.

Join me or a group to bring your fashion portfolio to life.

It’s one of the very best ways to enjoy fashion design in your life…by practicing as a fashion artist!

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