On Art and Learning, Expression and Experience

An atmosphere of kindness, ease and comfort foster a free flow of expression, creation, adventurous discovery and self directed discipline that are more sustainable than traditional methods of education.

I believe that the teacher guides the student, but the student also guides themselves and the teacher….

I am passionate about the environments and outcomes of learning both as a student and as a teacher , parent, friend, etc.

You can get to know me more through these videos on the subject.

While I teach fashion design art and technical studies, I am a musician, artist, mother, human just as any one of you, and I love to share my experience as well as hear yours.

Why? Because I am sure that we are on the brink of new forms for education, business, and sustainability and I can’t wait to see them take hold around the world.

I am a strong believer in family and community and envision a kinder world that supports families more than ever as technology brings us back home and facilitates small business and self-directed learning.

I hope you enjoy these videos and COMMENT BELOW to join in the discussion!!!!!!

Love always,


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