Do I have to be in a certain place at a certain time?

No, you log into the class whenever you want, but your weekly lessons are released on Fridays for you to review at your leisure.

Do I have to be in the class “community” or can I study privately? No, you don’t have to participate in the community, but I always recommend it and suggest it, because what happens in that aspect can really be the most transformative part of your experience in the course? That said, you can join in the discussions as much or as little or as late as you feel comfortable with.  I still urge you to move a little bit outside of your comfort zone to get that full benefit. But I totally respect each individual’s path and experience. That’s the point!!

I’m so afraid to share my work and be judged or criticized by my professor or classmates. I’ve had terrible experience with art teachers. How is this handled in this class? wouldn’t even have started this business if I had any interest in tearing people down or spending time in environments or groups of people who want to do that. Any inappropriate users will be REMOVED FROM THE GROUP, and I am here for guidance, encouragement, and perspective.   It’s valuable to hear feedback on our work, with the intention to guide and share with love and give some honest, objective, careful and helpful notes to one another, as well as ask questions and share resources and discussions. That’s how it works here.  Haters need not apply!

How long does shipping my supplies take?

US Shipping will have your supplies to you in about a week.  I order all supplies as soon as tuition clears my account, but overseas can take longer.  The first several weeks really focus on pencil and paper, so you can sit tight until you receive your art package. Your books are gifts and not required for the course.

All shipping is standard and depending where you live can take more time…. Speedy deliver outside the US can’t be guaranteed. Sorry!

What if I register at the last minute?

If there is a “start date” for your class, you can pace yourself either way because you keep your course access for at least a year. If your class is one of the open enrollment classes, you can sign up any time and the modules will still open up to you one at a time, for the session’s length. You can take as long as you want to complete each exercise/ assignment.

How does the class work?

***I release the modules weekly on Fridays, but if you need more time the whole course stays available to you indefinitely.

Can I continue beyond Level One? Do I have to to get the benefits of the program?

LEVEL TWO is already rolling out its first semester pilot, and you can sign up here and jump into week one.

Additional workshops for maternity, childrenswear, menswear and plus size specialties will be slated througout the year, letting me know your interest helps me prioritize which programs (and webinars) to roll out , so please speak up :0)!!!!

 Level One Soulful Fashion Foundation Immersion Semester is designed to give you everything you need to get the skills to make your portfolio. Level to goes deeper, for sure, but are not essentials. Level One is comprehensive.

There is another beginner level course: Model Drawing and Swimwear Design which is slightly shorter and a more affordable option. It counts as a level one course.

***FASHION SEMESTER LEVEL 2 where we take it all even deeper into advanced colors, textures, and design as you discover how much you love what you’re learning and expressing.

Fashion Semester Level 3 creates your unique fashion portfolio!  Level three will not be developed until my Level 2 Pilot Group completes their session.  Stay tuned by subscribing to email updates!


Laura VOLPINTESTA illustrations with gouache, colored pencil, and waterproof felt pensclassmoodboard copy 2Laura Volpintesta gouache illustration concept collection Laura Volpintesta, fashion design fabric concept board

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 Now is a time when the faces of business and fashion are changing rapidly, and need to, for a sustainable and beautiful future that is TRULY stylish from the INSIDE- OUT.  This new fashion is DIVERSE, healthy, honest, informed, ethically conscious and bold enough to challenge and improve on the old ways to serve and inspire as an art and business.



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