The Goddess Seeds Peace Deck is so close to my heart.

Self -authored, illustrated , this traditionally tarot-sized card deck features 54 cards with figurative art on the front.

Mostly nudes, these images are designed to be color infunsed, bare and abstract so that you can use them as a springboard into… yourself.


As you look at a card, allow the colors to wash over you. 

Allow yourself to become the woman you see, or rather

allow yourself to ask her what her pose, attitude, expression, colors, or position are saying to you.



This deck is so inspiring to me.

This year I created so much new art, and I was called to create a deck from them.

(Actually, several decks are in the works :0)!!!0

The back of each deck is a lesson, prayer or journal prompt

that came forth intuitively wnile I was looking at the art.


the Purpose of the deck and its messages

I knew that the card messages would carry the healing messages 

that I’ve been learning and supported by myself over the course of my life.

I wanted them to be about our creative fire, our creative energy and force.

I knew that they would speak about inspiration, connection to Self and to Spirit.

I wanted the cards to be focal points that women and all people could use to focus inward

and reflect on their feelings, body sensations, inner world and imagination.

The nudity in the images for me (particularly as a fashion illustrator by trade for 20 years)

represented body-positivity, celebration of the female form, my love for figure drawing,

as well as a sense of “bare, true self” and utter freedom.

I wanted that to communicate a sense of things uncovered, where nothing is shunned, taboo or hidden.


The Goddess Seeds insprational card deck


The foundation of this deck is to return to a deep trust of ourselves.

Time spent with the cards is a time to uplift, to check and and tune in with yourself


A time to remember your divinity and truth

a special time to set aside maybe with incense or candles and soothing music

to meditate and to listen to your deepest inner voice.


The Goddess Seeds Peace Deck is created to ask you questions that lead you back to yourself.

Keep a journal nearby so you can tune in and explore the questions and images that the cards bring to mind.



My mission and intention is to inspire and help millions of women

love themselves more. 

To notice where they can love themselves more

to remember , or to learn for the first time, to trust their bodies

to hear their inner voice, to feel their inner glow

to remember their inner child

to honor their present moment as a woman

To ask themselves the imporatnt questions,

to soak in luscious colors and energies,

to have conversations with themselves

to dissolve their egos and fears,

expanding their magic, love, and creative expression.

My mission is to infuse you with loving energy and a sense of freedom, joy, and zest for life.


I also want to lovingly hold a space for releasing pain, grief, limiting beliefs and tears.

All of our feelings are here for a reason, if we don’t squash them, they can guide us when we start to truly CARE ABOUT HOW WE FEEL and start to live that way.

A few years ago I started to really notice how my inner voice could be so unkind

and decided it was time to really change that if I truly wanted to live a life that reflected

a deeper sense of love and true creativity.

Here’s to US



You can purchase your cards HERE.

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