Hi, I’m Laura.

Laura Volpintesta Fashion Illustration Tribe.com

I’ve been teaching fashion design and illustration at Parsons School of Design for over 20 years!!

Finally I decided that I’d outgrown the environment– society, education, and people were evolving in ways so much faster than a large institution can.

I wanted to make fashion education and art, craft, information, development available to creatives like you, like me all over the globe. I wanted moms to have access from home. I wanted scheduling not to interfere with their educations. I wanted students to be able to replay classes and lessons until they felt confident with the material, and to be guaranteed that they could get access to me to answer their pressing questions.

We don’t always have the flexibility or the luxury of moving to a major city, spending tens of thousands on the education, or putting the rest of your life on hold to begin.

FASHION DESIGN is the kind of thing you can start learning TODAY. Fashion ILLUSTRATION is the kind of thing you can start learning TODAY! Patternmaking, draping, technical drawing, specs, flats, ALL OF IT!

Even if you think ” you can’t draw”, prepare yourself to be surprised, amazed. The AMAZEMENT that students experience in my classrooms is why I love to do what I do.

Even I am amazed what people can do

when they are supported and believed in.

When they have access to the resources they need. (you can watch your videos again and again in my programs, and have access to my expertise, feedback, and cozy private community!)

I’m amazed what people can do when they are learning in an environment that supports and accepts them where they are at. You have a family, another career along with your studies? You’re retired, you’re in high school? This diversity is what makes us rich. Many perspectives, backgrounds, many dreams and approaches. Many voices.


and designer for over 20 years I’ve taught over a thousand students, about 97 percent of them were women. but the environment was not  “woman shaped” in its structures. This became sharper in clarity for me when I was “let go” twice when I had babies, even after being a 17 year veteran, I was a full time faculty forced to resign so I could be with my baby. I KNEW I WANTED TO CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT THAT WAS MORE FLEXIBLE LIKE OUR LIVES REQUIRED>

AS far as “woman shaped fashion study” goes, …We were even taught to sketch unrealistic bodies that couldn’t exist in reality. That’s pretty messed up. I want us to celebrate women. Adornment. Traditions. Fabrics. Textures. Techniques. Resources.

As a fashion student

I didn’t know how to draw when I started.

I had amazing teachers who taught me to see the world in an entirely new way!

They taught me how to use my hands, eyes, soul and materials in new ways, from sewing to fashion illustration.

It blew my mind and I’ve enjoyed these skills and memories every day of my life since then.

I want this for you.

I want you to experience transformation, liberation, adventure, excitement, exploration, discovery.

I’m a mom who created a business

to be near her children and I understand if that’s the way you need to study :0) too!

I created a way to study and stay connected that honors the life you are in.

That also honors the HUGE GIFT and vision dwelling in your heart.

Professional and creative

heart-led and without limits.

Let me share the classes I’ve been teaching over my 20 year career, dismantling myths about art and fashion design

while sharing a strong foundation of key skills.

And supporting your progress and journey.

Helping you customize it.

My books and videos, all come from my love of this incredible art form that I got to study in NYC and Paris.

Now I live in CT with my three kids, a single mom and now entrepreneur.

I welcome your questions and suggestions!


What would YOU do if YOU KNEW??????

and how can I help?



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