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Welcome to Fashion Illustration Process!

I’m Laura Volpintesta, your host, here to walk you through the fashion illustration process, holding your hand along the way.! 

This is a fantastic 28-video course that not only breaks down the exact tools, art supplies and processes I use to produce beautiful gouache illustrations for my fashion portfolio (and have been teaching my Parsons Fashion Students for over 20 years)…

but also gives you creative prompts and guidance so that you care able to illustrate YOUR OWN unique sketches and designs around YOUR design decisions and vision.

Our course format allows you to study at your own pace and ask questions any time.


Starter VIDEOS (scroll down)  (there are 28 in total when you join!)

IN this  fashion illustration online course, you can Watch and work along with me as we create a set of unique designs and illustrations!

 …watch right over my shoulder and listen to all the tips along the way!

Start by watching video #1   and  #2 below to get a taste of my method and course …

This course lays out an exact process that you can follow yourself.

Seeing it done is going to save you time and give you perspective on how you can create and present an original collection.

You’ll get such a good foundation here!

You will be amazed how having this perspective on the overall process will change the way you approach your work 

It’s a total orientation and includes ALL of my tips and guidance as we go throughthe steps!.

I’ll include projects and prompts for you to create along with me along the way.



1. . Collect images to inspire your collection. Look for head-to-toe images with nice clear shadows and light, plus construction in the clothes that youc an see and understand.

For this project, you’ll be “plugging in” your own unique fabric choices, so you don’t need to use the colors and patterns you see in the pictures. 

Everything you see you can adjust to make it YOUR style, and create an original set of sketches.

I’ll show you how I do that!

2. In this video, you get a taste of how I quickly map out figures on the page before I get into any specifics about their body or clothes.   This helps me with  proportions (which I teach in my other courses).

3. Here you’ll see how  I go from stick-figure to fully fleshed-out figures. See how much easier it is when the basic body is already mapped out??


DO you want to watch this process go from a-Z, into final illustrations? 


You can use these exact tenchniques to create your own fashion design portfolio or pleasure.

Let’s go!



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