Fashion Patternmaking ONline Course wtih Laura Volpintesta

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Fashion Patternmaking ONline Course wtih Laura Volpintesta

Are you eager to go behind the scenes/seams and find out what goes into making a custom designed fashion sewing pattern?

Do you want to become more  knowledgeable, capable, experienced with Patternmaking and Patternmaking Supplies?

Do you want to understand all about dress forms and technical terms so you can be more creative with fashion?

Then this Fashion Patternmaking Online course has landed on your path for a reason!

Fashion Patternmaking ONline Course wtih Laura Volpintesta

Understanding  pattern making principles

changes the way you think about clothes,

…the way you make or draw them, talk about, and analyze them.

Patternmaking is a language. It’s a bit like a puzzle.

It’s TOTALLY “FIGURE-OUTABLE!” and you can get “in” on it.


I used commercial patterns

before I went to fashion school, and I first learned to sew from them.

I was so frustrated by all that delicate tissue paper and zillions of markings, and nothing ever fit. (It was a good way to learn to sew basics though.)

Sewing is a great way to begin understanding patterns.

(So is exploring the ethnic roots of clothing and costume!)

When I finally took a fashion patternmaking course, as a fashion designstudent at Parsons Paris, it totally changed the game for me.



A Fashion Patternaking online course brings it to you on your schedule and pace.


You don’t  need to have a large pattern studio.

You can do the exercises at 1/4 scale at your own desk or lap if you prefer.

What’s important is watching, listening, and practicing.

Try the examples.

Fashion Patternmaking ONline Course wtih Laura Volpintesta


EVERY WEEK/Module of your Fashion Patternmaking Online course  INCLUDES

  1. 90 mins/week of videos- instruction of techniques and theories to be creative and techy!. 
  2. Resource links for tools, website, books..
  3. Real life examples of garments using the techniques.
  4. Pattern drafts explained and tried on.
  5. Exercises/Practice/ Assignments for YOU to create and share.
  6. Discussion areas. give and get feedback, ask and share!
  7. Information and Inspiration!
  8. Research suggestions for design ideas 


Many fashion patternmaking classes go over your head.

if you look at a pattern book, all you see is symbols and measurements.

It isn’t about putting “exactly 1/4 ” there or here”.

it’s also about WHY.

You need a human being to break it down so you understand WHY you want a half inch here, a 1/4 inch there.

It’s about understanding,

it’s about knowing how it all goes together to create your own.

We all deserve to learn this basic language and how it works behind the scenes to make or modify a pattern.

It helps if you already sew, to take this course,, but the course is for everyone who WANTS TO KNOW MORE.

Don’t be fooled by this sale price, the course is LOADED with information for you to be empowered and wise in garment-making.

I want to reach YOU!

Fashion Patternmaking ONline Course wtih Laura Volpintesta

Fashion Patternmaking Online Course CHECKOUT is HERE

Me? I’m Laura Volpintesta,

I’m a fashion designer

who’s been teaching at Parsons School of Design since 1997 in both draping, construction and sewing in BFA program, as well as Illustration, model drawing, portfolio and concept development in AAS program on campus.

I’m  a Craftsy / Bluprint instructor with a course called Designing Fashion Flats -and also created Parsons’ very  first online fashion studio course in 2008!

My books are available on Amazon. The Language of Fashion Design: 26 Principles Every Fashion Designer Should Know and co-author of the Fashion Designer’s Reference and Specification book.

I’m a single mom and Fashion Illustration Tribe is my dream to create fashion courses like the university —

but to make them available to creatives everywhere,

even if they need to be home with their kids or studying after work.

I created this Fashion Patternmaking online course program

because  I want to connect and inspire and create with you  so that you can learn all of the tools my teachers taught me.

I’m also passionate about body positivity, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of fashion.

LEARN Fashion Patternmaking ONLINE WITH ME! 

Fashion Patternmaking ONline Course wtih Laura Volpintesta

I love to create and SO DO YOU!

I know you do. Curiosity brought you to learning and growing!

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re someone who wants to know more.

You want to MAKE, you want to fit. To know how things are put together.

You’re someone who wants to bring your amazing ideas out of your head and into the world!

START TODAY while the cart is open (the cart opens and closes during promotional periods throughout the year.)

Would you like to learn

Why,  and where to use notches?

Where to use seam allowances and how much.

How to create curves and lines confidently. on armholes, waistlines, hemlines, side seams?

Learn the names of the elements of fashion and garment construction.

Facings, waistbands, sleeves, collars, and plackets, I’ll walk you through the building blocks and the how.

“I’m IN! “

In this class we will start from square one.

In Fashion Patternmaking Online Course,

I want you to have access to the tools and key language to create original fashion patterns for any size and understand the underlying concept.

You might not understand the words in this list below, and that’s OKAY.

Ummm….that’s why we’re learning them!

(it makes more sense if you have some sewing background. If you don’t, it’s time to start sewing your first basic bodice or classic shirt, just for the sake of learning. And for that, you can buy your first pattern. But my goal is to free you from store patterns!)

In this unique  and effective fashion patternmaking online course program,

We’ll cover

  •  the straight grain and bias, and darted bodice and skirt and sleeve fitted slopers.
  • moving the darts…. and / or turning them into gathers, flares, or pleats.
  • how to understand seam allowances and notches.
  • marking those things,  and create curves and lines with confidence.
  • drafts for pockets, plackets, cuffs and waistbands.
  • some collars, yokes and shirt button-plackets.
  • practicing and learning the rules for facings and necklines, armholes.


After working with me in the fashion patternmaking online course, you’ll 

  1. understand facings, darts, notches, markings, seam allowance, grainlines… in a way that is going to have you speaking and understanding confidently. 
  2. have experience under your belt from testing out techniques in the exercises. 
  3. be able to make fit adjustments and creative variations on patterns with know-how that understands how adjustments affect a basic pattern. 
  4. have a workbook of drafts that you’ve already tried on 1/4 scale. 
  5. know the names for things and how they are “built”.  

Imagine not being “in the dark” any more about patterns. You’ll be able to create patterns from a lot of your  (or your client’s) favorite fitting garments, too!


Then you’ll draft your own to your measures or work out a design sketch into pattern. / or draft a pattern inspired by a fashion photo you found, or draft a pattern from a garment you own.

In the  final weeks  of the fashion patternmaking online course

is where you get more creative and get a one-on-one 30 minute skype session with ME, to help you work out the details of your creative project within the course!

Our community is private and cozy. You can ask questions, give and get feedback, even upload photos or videos to the discussion areas.

And I can’t wait to meet you.

QUESTIONS about Fashion Patternmaking Online Course?

Please email

with any questions or concerns you may have!

Daily you can find me on for design inspiration and ideas.

Fashoin Patternmaking ONline Course with Laura Volpintesta


I”m in a different time zone. Do I have to show up at a certain hour?

NO, you don’t have to show up at a certain appointed hour, unless you schedule a SKYPE appointment with Laura.

Every week is about 90 minutes of videos. Week one is the “heaviest” as we get started. There is no hurry or deadline!

Does the class disappear after a certain date?

No.  You keep lifetime access to your lessons and videos to watch again and again.

Do I need to sew, own a mannequin, or need a lot of space and equipment?

No. I will SHOW you some things on a mannequin, but with just a pattern wheel, rulers, your mini slopers and copy paper (plus a mechanical pencils, scissors, and tape)…. you can follow and complete all of the exercises.

Fashion Patternmaking Online course is also a part of the whole Freedom Fashion Online Fashion Design Program!



Obviously there is a different learning curve if you are an absolute newbie. Some sewing experience helps even if you don’t sew in the class, beause it helps you understand how garment pieces are joined together to make fashion,  but it IS NOT ESSENTIAL> you gotta start somewhere!!

If you are more advanced, you can scroll ahead in the lessons and access the ones that are fresh for you.

I’m an Illustrator…why would I want to study patternmaking?

Understanding fashion design technically gives you a lot more detail and awareness for drawing and discussing great design.

What if I want to do menswear, childrenswear, or plus -size or one of a kind fashions? What if I want to do bags and accessories?

Patternmaking is so awesome and while this class is intensive and works around womenswear, it will give you the confidence and foundation to be able to draft and understand for any category– that is the purpose of learning these fundamentals!


Here is a scene from my Parsons class.


Fashion Patternmaking ONline Course wtih Laura Volpintesta

I”ve worked in many design houses throughout NYC, in swimwear (Target brands) , leather  and knits (Rocawear, QVC, Nordstroms, Bebe, Chicos) , maternity (Liz Lange) , juniors (Rocawear, Target, the Limited) , mens (Banana Republic) , childrenswear(Old Navy, the Children’s Place) and plus-size (Rocawear), Ann  Taylor LOFT, AMONG OTHERS so I have a wide range of experience to draw on!

I’ve worked as a technical designer, fit tech, illustrator,  design assistant, and patternmaker in women’s, men’s, children’s, maternity and plus, over my career!

Fashion Patternmaking Online Course: Fashion Patternmaking DEMYSTIFIED!

Free Sample lesson: (note this is an informal livestream replay, the actual course is studio recorded and not livestreamed :0) ENJOY!


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