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Welcome to your home -and-hub for quality fashion online courses made with heart, soul, and loads of experience from my 20 plus years teaching at Presitgious Parsons fashion design program in NYC.

Like you,

I’ve always loved fashion.

So many facets, and so many reasons!

I absolutely loved the transformation of beginning to learn art and design in my early 20 when I went to study at  Parsons School of Design in NYC and Paris, France.

And there’s nothing I ADORE MORE passing on that passion and experience to other lovers of the art and craft of fashion fused wtih soul and heart.

You deserve to have the wonderful joy of discovery

that I did when I went to fashion design school. I want you to have all of it, (without any of the BS common in fashion schools that takes all the joy out of it).

ONLINE Fashion Design Courses at Fashion Illustration Tribe (visit the menu in the header for a complete listing!)

Through resources, discussions, demonstrations, examples, I’ll guide you in the right direction……. to follow your own love and voice!

fashion online course teacher laura volpintesta

The richest, deepest dive to take with me is to register for my paint- and -pencil, beginner to intermediate, learn-it-all FREEDOM FASHION foundation online fashion course.

In Freedom Fashion Online Program, Learn

  • art supplies,
  • model drawing,
  • technical drawing of garment details,
  • watercolor/gouache texture 
  • print rendering techniques,
  • quick sketching,
  • mood board creation, 
  • final illustrations of an original group of your own designs!!!!
  • portfolio techniques 
  • line sheets
  • and more

I’m not kidding!

It’s a semester of fashion study, entirely online! (add supplemental coaching sessions for extra support at any time)

Freedom Fashion Soulful Fashion Foundation ONline course mimics the online fashion studio course I created for Parsons School of Designin 2008…

Since 1997 I’ve bringing beginner students to become fluent sketcher/illustrator/ design thinkers in fashion!

I also offer a standalone online course for Figure Drawing, Model Drawing, and Expression: it’s called MODEL MAGIC.  You can get started today with a FREE tutorial/demonstration/ masterclass right on the Sales Page!  Learn about Light, shadow, figure, and art supplies in one beginner lesson.

OPS I forgot to tell you something …

You can also order my fashion design book now available 5 languages! 

(Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French and English)
the language of fashion design laura volpintesta

>>>>Watch the trailer here to learn all about for my Craftsy/ Bluprint class “Designing with Fashion Flats”

It was an absolute thrill to work with Craftsy/ Bluprint creative team to create this beautiful online course production in their studios in Denver, CO.

“Designing with Fashion Flats” teaches so clearly how to sketch flats for fashion: focusing on details and proportions without dealing with model drawing like my other courses. do. It’s extremely affordable and flexible.

Fashion Online course


Are you curious how I sketched the fashion illustration/ portrait above on my IPAD or on a tablet?

Using, elegant, fun, gorgeous apps on a digital device!

Learn my favorite digital drawing  apps for fashion illustration, techniques, and all of the fundamentals of drawing/ sketching/ illustrating a face.  Including heads, hair, shine and shadow, and the features from different angles.

Click the image  for ABOUT FACES online fashion course –digital drawing and painting course –details and signup page. 

There’s an exclusive video tutorial FREE on that page for you to get a taste of what’s possible for you!

ABOUT FACES digital fashion Illustration online course with Laura Volpintesa, Fashion ILlustration Tribe

(The images above and below were also created on iPad/ Tablet.)

It’s truly amazing to learn  all of the wonderful things these apps can do!

What’s even more amazing is what you will do with them in your hands.
online fashion course Laura Volpintesta

Above, I used a watercolor effect app…

Below, I used a slick vector drawing app

online fashion course

What about the TECHNICAL aspects and skillsof the fashion design process?

Join me for Patternmaking Desmystified (plus draping) online course program…

and learn all about fabric grain, pattern drafting tools and supplies, and especially the TECHNIQUES and TERMS of a fashion patternmaking and draping to inform everything that you draw and design!!!!

Fashion Design Patternmaking and Draping Online Course with Laura Volpintesta, Fashion Illustration TribeShare your sketches, inspirations and experiences in our Facebook Group: Fashion Tribalistas by clicking below to join.

Ask questions about anything related to fashion design and fashion illustration…



When you have guidance, a mentor, and the steps laid out in front of you!


Fashion Illustration Tribe Freedom Fashion Summer Session 2016

learn fashion sketchingI am so looking forward to working with you.

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