I’ve been so busy lately creating new course offerings and getting ready for back-to-school at Parsons, while also trying to squeeze the last drops out of my summer with the kids, that I’m developing a PILE of news tidbits for you.  Here’s the top of the pile. I’ll be making up for lost time with posts this week.

I have probably seen fewer movies than ANYONE in the room.  I love international films and late seventies-eighties comedies…. but someday I’m going to make up for all of the amazing movies I’ve missed.

Fortunately, my mother makes sure I don’t miss anything she thinks is amazing.
She showed up the other morning with her eyes as BIG AS SAUCERS!!!! :

I’m taking you to the movies TODAY. I just saw the new Woody Allen movie!….

So I went. Moonlight and Magic was wonderful! I read a nasty review on it, but I loved it.  BEAUTIFL scenery, an engaging story that made me look at myself as I identified with one of the characters ( I won’t tell who !!), and

beautiful clothes.

In fact, that’s one of the ways she got me out the door.

Check out this comprehensive article by Natalie Atkinson / @NathAt  on the  National Post for an interview with the costume designer, Sonia Grande, including photos of the clothes and HER ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATIONS of the costume designs in beautiful human -sized gorgeous woman proportions!!!! Make sure you click to check it out, there are more sketches there!

https://fashionillustrationtribe.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=mab-mainCostumes by Sonia Grande for Magic in the Moonlight from Nathalie Atkinson's article

It’s a WONDERFUL look into the world of costume design and the design process.

Honey, you’ve got to see the CLOTHES, Laura, especially for the older female characters!!!

(This really hooked me in, as I am 42 this September, falling out of love with my clothes, and really interested in what dressing looks like for me over the rest of my life, at each stage, now that I have realized I”m not 25.)

This trailer only hints at the fabulous clothes, but I hope that you’ll get a taste and your curiosity will be piqued by the waistless and drop waisted silhouettes. I’ve been talking caftans a lot with people lately and I can see the caftan in so many of these pieces: straight side seams, the freedom that comes with boxy silhouettes, but then with exquisite detailing, panels, hand made lace, beading, yokes, embroidery. I was constantly aware of the uniqueness and preciousness of each piece in contrast to our daily mass-produced, disposable clothes.   And the hairstyles!!! The bobs! Everything. I felt the film offered everything cinema can offer, an entertaining, thought provoking story, LUSH interiors and GORGEOUS LOCATIONS, EXQUISITE fashions, a total escape from the everyday. Theater.   I loved it.

And the older characters? You can see here, around 55 seconds, among other parts, but my absolute favorite dress of them all was in one of the last scenes, and it isn’t in the trailer.
I searched on line for images and couldn’t find much to give you the total look.

I’ll have to sketch it for you………………..

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