Illustration by Laura Volpintesta of a dress by Kaela Kay by Catherine Addad, presenting in AFWNY (African Fashion Week New York)ROCKPAPERINK……….

This year I will be blogging for fashion monthly for my publisher, Rockport, on their website RockPaperInk

The column is called Fashion: Global Voices and my first two posts so far discuss AFWNY (Africa Fashion Week New York) and BIFW (Bangkok International Fashion Week), discussing designers and sharing work that I really hope you will love as much as I do!!

I hope you enjoy, I adore writing and researching this column, which was really born of the writing and research I did for my book that I am currently wrapping up for February release!! (pre-order is already available on Amazon!)


Please share in the comments below: I love discovering designers off of the beaten path.  Who is a designer you would like to see more of and share with our community??

And why??  l love to know what makes other designers tick ;0)




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