“Journalling ”—-

I never did it. It gave my hand cramps.

I didn’t feel like recording my day.

Or looking at all my struggles which were already in front of me.

Over the past year it’s changed my life!!!

I started asking myself what I want, and making lists of my desires.

It was hard to come up with anything at first—-

I realized I wasn’t used to being asked (even by myself) what I wanted,

plus the religion I grew up in was all about “don’t ever ask for anything, that’s what makes you a good person.”

And “the more you deny yourself, the more spiritual you are”

(but now I say your inner truth is needed, and DIVINE! You are here on purpose!!)

BUT the thing is, that state of your brain shows up on paper, in your journal.

It gets clear.

Sometimes all you can think of is what you DONT want.

That can become the way you see everything, when you’ve been thrown into loss and lack for a long time.

(And if you’ve been taught that struggling is the goal,

You’ve likely attracted extremes— because that makes you a high achiever! )


New pathways In Your brain and beliefs

And your life can feel better and better

Especially when you believe that feeling good is safe and allowed

If all you can think of is what you don’t want

(and how that bugs you,)

write down every horrible detail of your undesired manifestations.

List them out….

Each disappointment is a clear and direct indicator of what you want……

but we tend to forget that until we’ve practiced.

Make a new list where every nagging horror is turned around into a clear and specific desire of WHAT YOU DO WANT.

Start practicing this…

Your focus shifts from unwanted to wanted…..

and cultivating the feelings of what you want


What makes you feel good, connected, right with yourself

What makes you blissed, joyful, overflowingly full and loving

Where is your delight, your satisfaction, your knowing??

The more you care about how you feel and develop this loving relationship with your own self on paper,

(It’s so much more but for me, paper is where I can really nIl down my ugliest thoughts

And open the floodgates to every beautiful truth I know in my heart of hearts

I have a pile of journals now.

The first ones are very hard to review.

They are full of “I’m powerless, I’m useless, I’m worthless, “(things I would NEVER SAY TO ANYONE ElSE and things I didn’t know I was saying to myself!!- until i started writing down my thoughts)

Every time someone “mistreated” me, I took on a new belief about how I was worthy / deserving of that.

(Because very early on in life I took on these beliefs- thru school, church, home, things I picked up that stuck in my subconscious to keep me “safe”)

In my journals I identify and release this stuff

And in that space,

All of the knowing starts to flow……

My connection to source, to self, to the magic of being alive, to the knowing of my heart of hearts,

It all starts to roll out like a tidal wave.

Any time I want, I can crack open to one of those pages , reread,

and it puts me right back in touch with my highest truths and my own fingerprint of unconditional love and joy.

Like dancing or singing does.

Anyway, I’m so proud that over the last few

Months I’ve released so many gorgeous journals.

Choose a cover from my portfolio at the link in the comments below, and then Choose hardcover bound or spiral, lined, graph paper, or unlined.

When you receive the journal,

I hope you’ll have a transformational journey too.

Try the exercise I mentioned above!

I love you


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