NEW STYLE VOICES PODCAST Episode 11: How we Learn matters


How we learn matters, and if you click the bar above, you can hear the latest podcast episode on this topic!

I don’t care if it’s college, homeschool, unschool…. in fact I want to make sure we questions that learning is something that has to happen in an insitiution!

IT CRACKS ME UP everytime I drive by or see an ad for a daycare that touts how it develops  young minds.
Not because I don’t think 3 year olds or two year olds don’t need to ‘learn yet, but rather- because it’s so absurd to think that 2 or 3 year olds don’t learn EVERYWHERE AND ALL THE TIME, or that they need an outside source to bring them up to date.


intelligence- there are so many kinds of intelligences. People aren’t voids or vacuums. We learn eveyrwhere and always, and we learn on many many different levels. And we will  all have our individual incliniations towards what we are curious about and disposed towards.

And also what we are conditioned towards.

I BELIEVE one of the main purposes of school

is to condition young and older people.  I feel it’s so important to realize how we think we are learning English, Math and Science or whatever, but (inspired by John Gatto) what we are truly learning is WHO WE ARE.
Wait- not who we REALLY ARE but who the school tells us we are.

How we learn matters, the way power is distributed in an institution matters. 

Self-directed learning, entrepreneurship, self-discovery and empowerment with encouraging, supportive guidance is something that most of us don’t recognize or expect based on schooling in our past. 

Think about your school or workplace. What is the structure?
Are we competitvie or cooperative? Are we individuals or communities?
Are we authorities or submissives? Are we valuable or worthless? 

SO I think it’s very useful

to revisit this topic. Often. 

How we learn matters.

The core message, for me is that we are learning, “performing” and “progressing” from the inside or from the outside. From love or from fear. Because we have to or because we want to.

I never questioned school or schooling (or perhaps anything, because of schooling) when I was younger. When I was in school. But I’ve spent the rest of my life “recovering from school” and “unlearning” the restrictions I learned that sort of pitted me against my inner voice and truth.

I’ve created my online coaching

and my home and familiy life based on this journey.  I’ve had the freedom and desire to homeschool and unschool, homebirth and create an independent home-based business. These are expressions of the NEW Learning , the un-learning of what I learned in school. 

And it’s a process, ongoing.

I believe mothers are “enough” to teach their kids (along with the world and community.. 20 years of fashion design teaching in a univeristy (Parsons) I listened to students apologize and apologize about deadlines and family problems interfering with their work. Why is this necessary? Why do we need to “sacrifice” our family responsibilities to “learn”? 

Family responsibilities ARE learning. EVERYTHING is learning.

I believe that when someone wants to learn

that’s THEIR path. They don’t need to submit to a teacher, they need to follow the trail in the way that fits them. Motivated learning STICKS. Curiosity MOTIVATES> Inspiration motivates. Independence  and intuition go hand in hand.

Today’s podcast is about that. 

Of all of my online art and design courses so far,

the course that most works at UNLEARNING myths and LIBERATING SELF EXPRESSION is the MODEL MAGIC online course. At the same time, the CORE VALUE of all of my courses is to tap into tuition, to tap into love, and work a program of discovery of the inner voice and RECOVERY from traditionally structured learning environments. 

CREATIVITY is an expression of love. It flows freeest when we are not constricted, contracted, stressed and frightened. When we are relaxed and in joy, we get different results that are more aligned with peace and benefit more people, because that’s our natural inclination. Those are MY thoughts when I approach education.

One unfortunate thing

that shows up a lot in schooled systems is teachers “passing on” abuse they got from their teachers.  By ending or healing the cycle of abuse, a new consciousness and a positive conditioning is awakened in the world!

In fashion studies, this translates into ethical fashion. When we are cared for, we are compassionate to the whole system. Fashion schools that are harsh competitive environments perpetuate a harsh industry.


Let’s “be the change we want to see in the world”!


I hope you enjoy the podcast and  I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the topic. Thank you!!!

Love always


ps this topic is ongoing…..

What should we talk about next?


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