Have you tried Digital Fashion Drawing yet?

I resisted for a loooooooong time, and seriously, I really had no desire to switch over.

But now I”m loving it! I’d love to get you started too….

Whether for life drawing, doodling (below, using Adobe Photoshop Sketch app)
Laura Volpintesta, digital fashion drawing illustration, fashion illustration tribe,

or for fashion illustration, ( both digital fashion drawing portraits below, Tayasui Sketches Pro App)

digital fashion drawing faces
Digital Fashion Drawing "ABOUT FACE" online course
Digital Fashion Drawing “ABOUT FACES” online course

Or for full-fledged fashion croquis with details, prints, seams, posed fashion models, etc….(Tayasui sketches, below)

digital fashion drawing sketch

Digital Fashion Drawing Apps are WONDERFUL!

Digital fashion drawing is FUN and SEDUCTIVE.  (and did I say addictive too?) Use apps in your device to have a full range of art supplies on hand.


But are you CURIOUS, even?

After taking Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Courses LONG AGO, I had decided I did NOT like them for art.


Also, as a Parsons Fashion Faculty, what I saw students doing with digital painting was resulting in flat, stiff, cold, dull, lifeless art.  It’s not their fault…those clunky programs were no fun at all.  So it only made me love those watercolors and gouache more than I already did! I’m someone who loves movement, emotion, life, passion, vitality…….

PLUS- The Adobe digital programs were too laborious, intellectual and un-inspiring, to me.

There were too many options and too much to learn.  It didn’t feel like painting at all!!! –It didn’t foster a creative mood.


I don’t know about you, but I’m  instinctive and intuitive. It’s for that reason alone that I love the arts. Are you like  that too?

So why struggle with tedious, clunky programs, when I wan to jump in, feel something, and express it while i’m feeling it?

(below, I used the Adobe Illustrator Draw app for the digital fashion drawing of the redhaired profile)

About FACE Online course- digital drawing apps

One fine day, I bought

an iPad mini

and discovered some amazing art and digital painting apps, offering:

  • lush colors
  • smooth and bright textures
  • variable line qualities
  • easy-erasures
  • undo and redo features
  • zoomability
  • discovery and suprise
  • portability of art tools
  • easy cleanup and storage of your artwork!

Below are a few examples from my process creating a fashion illustration by digital fashion drawing with Adobe Illustrator Draw App.

JUST IMAGINE what YOU can do

when you have these skills!

That’s why I love digital drawing apps, and the ones I use are  available for Windows and iOS tablets and devices like iPhone, iPad.

So go ahead, I hope you enjoy this gallery and also LEARN MORE ABOUT MY DIGITAL PAINTING COURSE!

DON’T FORGET to make sure you subscribe today to get your fabulous freebies and lessons so you can get started creating fashion right away! Not only illustrations, but sketches and collections of sketches around unique themes, while developing your own style, just like I’ve been teaching at Parsons for 25 years.

digital drawing on Adobe Illustrator Draw app for Fashion Laura Volpintesta
digital drawing apps
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