“What you focus on, grows…”

What’s the relationship between creativity and focus?

Let’s start with the blank page. The space of possibility.

What happens as you start to fill the page… how do you feel?

Ah, there’s so much to say, and how to bring it up in just a few words…..

Have you ever heard that expression that what you focus on grows?

What does it make you think of?

How does it make you feel?

What does it make you think of FIRST?

Is it your fashion, your drawing, your family, your love relationships, finances?…..

Is it something “positive” like joy, beauty, peace, communication,

understanding, positive change, solutions….

Or is it something painful

like complaining, dissatisfaction, pain, discomfort, conflict, destruction, frustration….

If you’re like me, it’s any combination of the above, but what’s more interesting to me right now is :

how TRUE does “what you focus on grows” feel to you?

Does it seem true to you that what you focus on grows, whether positive or negative?

I’ve read some amazing books and worked with great teachers who have brought this statement to the front of my mind.

And I know that my thoughts create what I see around me even more than what I see around me creates my thoughts.

I get so busy looking at the negative that I can’t even see the light… and this teaches me that

Getting into thankful and visionary mode are the best feeling states I can be in

and they make me not only feel but KNOW that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

When I get into defeated mode, I can’t really create anything but more defeat.

AND, my dear, I’ve been there a lot lately.

We’re always growing through something in our life, healing and expressing ourselves more fully!


and artists (and entrepreneurs and creators) everywhere, I think about (myself included) how when we start a new venture…



Why are the first steps the hardest?

1 they don’t match the beautiful dream and end result we have in our head

2 we are still learning the basic foundation skills

3 there are a lot of basic skills that are all interrelated and we don’t know how to use them individually yet, much less deploy them all at once

4 we lose sight of the end result while we are muddling in the basic steps

5 we feel the “finish line” is too far off.

6 we underestimate how powerfully the first steps grow and accumulate exponentially to our success

7 we get tired and want to give up because we don’t believe it will get easier

8 we think every step will be as hard as the first ones

9 we started the journey to acheive harmony but in the beginning we see mostly challenges and conflict

Well, I could go on an on… I see it AND DO IT all the time!

FOCUS is something that a course or a coach can give you to carry you from step one of your dream to the end result.

The coach or teacher or program guides you from those first steps very intentionally to reach a final result.

You really have to believe and trust in that coach or program, but even more so


Because If we remember that what we focus on grows ….

1 We remember that our strengths deserve more attention than our self-criticisms

2 What we thought was unsuccessful or “ugly” actually becomes a pointer towards exactly where we want to go and see.

3 The JOYFUL and diligent attention we keep on what we are creating MAKES IT GROW, if we have faith and believe the statement that what we focus on grows

4 Our focus becomes fuel… and MOMENTUM BUILDS (oh, yes, it does!).

5 The hard work of the first steps and the blind faith are replaced with energy and experiemce that propels you forward and takes on a life of its own

6 The idea of giving up becomes fainter every time you fall, (and you will fall sometimes) … but you will have so much self-knowledge and experience behind you that backing out either becomes a definitive choice for your life or a totally unthinkable thought. (And either track is valuable self-knowledge)

7 The MAGIC comes in. You start with a dream or idea, but it becomes even more specific and more REAL than you ever imagined. New opportunities become available. New connections become visible.

8 What was scary and wobbly in the beginning now becomes EXPERIENCE. You’ve looked fear in the eye, and you’ve moved past it. Not entirely, because you wanted the delicious experience of adventure and exploration that makes you feel so alive, but you’ve also gained the wisdom that shows your adventures are more powerful and beautiful than your fears.


So many artists, entrepreneurs, creatives stop because it isn’t perfect at the beginning.

(even though… it is… PERFECT for the beginning.)

Don’t be fooled by all of the perfect results and fruits everyone is showing you….

every creation has a process behind it, and that wobbly, bumpy -lumpy, heart-in-your-throat journey is there for everyone.

Focus on your strengths. Get feedback from a trusted peer or coach. Let your seed grow.

Water it, protect it, give it sun, nutrients. Give it attention.

Loving attention.

Breathe life into it every day.

Every day that you can.

your belief, your skill, and your results will grow.

It will even grow in your sleep…..

But the first steps are the hardest…. infinitely harder because you are getting inititated.

Allow yourself to feel foolish, innocent, frightened even…

and keep going.

If you want to go deep into fashion studies, without deep student debt, and if you want to study on your own time,

and if you want to know that you have someone to turn to who knows what you are capable of even when you don’t,

check out Freedom Fashion Program while it’s still open for enrollment this week.

Either way, don’t focus on your dissatisfaction, your weekness. Focus on your love, your joy and your vision.

Keep reminding yourself.

And if you forget?

I’ll remind you!

You are awesome and perefect right where you are, right now.

Be here and hold yourself in love.


When you’re ready to take an action, take it from THERE!

From your space of love, not intimidation.


So let’s keep it real :0)



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