VIDEO TUTORIAL: the Dress Forms for Fashion Designers

You’re going to love today’s VIDEO POST– Let’s talk all about dress forms for fashion designers and students of fashion design.  It’s one of the very most important supplies for any fashion maker!

Do you own a fashion mannequin/ dress form for sewing/ designing/ patternmaking and draping

(ps it’s now more affordable than every to own a dress form, often with free shipping, and a professional dress form for fashion designers is something you own for a lifetime of creativity)

How to use a Dress Form for fashion designers

How do you use a dress form  to talk about fashion design? 

How do you use a dress form for fashion designers to CREATE design? 

THAT’S what you’ll learn more about in today’s video.

Key Features of Dress forms for Fashion Designers

Why should you have a dress form, and what kind??

  • Fashion Designers and fashion design students use a special kind of mannequin (dress form) that can be raised and lowered for comfortable working (like a hairdresser’s chair, for example).
  • This is how you can work for a long time and never have to bend over or hurt your back!
  • Dress forms for fashion designers also have wheels on the bottom so they are easy to move around (although nobody wants to use a form that rolls away every time you try to pin into it, either!!!)
  • Another key element of dress forms for fashion designers is that they swivel all around.  
  • Of course, this is because fashion design is sculpture!
  • It’s an art form that is viewed from every angle all around, and so when we work we also want to be able to see the garment or outfit from every angle too!
  • Don’t be fooled- if you truly want the freedom to be able to drape and sculpt, creating the way fashion designers traditionally have for decades- then GET THE KIND OF DRESS FORM THAT YOU CAN PIN INTO!!!!
  • A dress form for fashion designers is covered in a sturdy canvas fabric that can be pinned into.
  • It also has seams at the neckline, armhole, princess seams, shoulder lines, and waistline.

Foundations of Fashion Design Workroom and Tools

How do you talk about design, using the names of the specific locations on the mannequin?

What are the most important measurements to take off of your client to create a custom fashion design,…and

What are the most important measurements to take off of your mannequin in order to create original fashion designs?

How do you turn your original draped designs into finished sewing patterns ?

I’ve been teaching draping, patternmaking and sewing, as well as illustration, portfolio, and design development for fashion design, at Parsons the New School for Design since 1997. 

I know a LOT about mannequins and love to share with students, and in today’s video below, I’ll walk you through all the basics you want to know about your dress form for fashion designers!

How do we measure a mannequin for fashion designers, and why is there taping and seaming on the mannequin/ dress form? 

How do we mark our dress form and what are the technical terms used in fashion design? 

Do you love to create clothes and design?

Let’s get intimate with the fashion designer’s dress form/ mannequin and get a better understanding of how it relates to fashion design.

What measurements do we use?


Techniques for fashion designers

How do we measure a client or model when we are creating designs for them?

What do we call the different locations on the dress form for fashion designers?

What is the vocabulary that fashion designers need?

What is the GRAIN in fabric and why does it matter? How does it relate to the dress form/ mannequin?

What is it like to learn fashion design online? Is it possible to learn draping/ patternmaking/ fashion design online?

What kind of dress form do fashion designers really use?

And, if you want to look up a good dress form for fashion designers right now, visit here! 

The video is right below here. 

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